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Big Hero 6 Movie Review

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When you are a genius, it tends to be challenging to adapt with norms and at times you need to act out in certain ways to keep things interesting. Here we have a young man who just wants to stay entertained even if he has to go to underground bot fighting hustling fools out of their money. But this young man’s destiny is bigger than he wants to believe and luckily enough he has an older brother that believes in his potential, if only he can get his mind speared into the right direction. Hiro Hamada has no clue what is about to blow his mind as he goes into the biggest journey of his life.

Welcome to San Fransokyo where Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter), a 14 year old robotics prodigy acting out because he feels that nothing can give him a true challenge, until his brother Tadashi Hamada (Daniel Henney) shows him a new meaning at his school with all innovative people. I mean what else can a 14 year old do after graduating from High School at the age of 13? In that we meet some interesting characters in GoGo Tomago (Jamie Chung), Fred (TJ Miller), Wasabi (Damon Wayans Jr.) Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez) and of course Tadashi’s invention Baymax. Things become promising as Hiro meets one of his ideals that run the school Professor Robert Callaghan (James Cromwell). Professor Callaghan pushes Hiro into believing that the easy route is too simple for his mind and maybe should take on a more challenging task by joining the school. That is all he needed to be motivated in inventing a new innovative device called micro-bots, but of course with all good things rising, something tragic has to come into play to bring the hope down. The death of his brother during a freak fire and explosion put Hiro in a spiral, but here we enter Bay-max a service bot medical help aid. Oh the comedy with a bubbly bot like him just begins his new path.


Okay that is the back story in which I do not want to spoil too much, but Big Hero 6 was an original Marvel Comic Book which had a more hardcore tone to it for its time. The funny part is that Disney’s Big Hero 6 kept some of the characters with similar origins, but you know made it more kid friendly. Even the powers are pretty close as well as some of the origin stories, but we don’t have Silver Samurai or Sunfire part of the roster. However, if they do intend to make a sequel maybe they might show up in another form.


Big Hero 6 takes a turn where we find out that the fire at the science expo was no accident and thanks to Baymax, Hiro discovers that his invention was being used for a sinister plot forcing his hand into taking action against this new threat named Yokai. This deranged villain in a Kabuki max has full control of Hiro’s nano bots that can form any shape you command with a metal device. Yokai has a serious killer intent once Hiro discovers his secret and now it is a chase for Hiro to bring justice to his brother by giving Baymax much needed upgrades as well as his new friends.


I am not going to sugar coat it, Big Hero 6 is predictable, at a certain point, but kicks things up as the story progress from a revenge movie to a new understanding. The characters are all well animated and humorous, especially Fred who has an interesting lifestyle and family tree. The idea of merging San Francisco and Tokyo Japan was an interest concept, but kind of felt a bit forced and raises questions about how that happened. Either way the villain Yokai was pretty decent, but I felt that he could of had a bit more screen play to initiate a climatic plot. In the end Big Hero 6 felt a bit rushed where they didn’t give us enough time for character development. The relationship between Hiro, his older brother Tadashi and their eccentric Aunt Cass (Maya Rudolph) was seen as an afterthought at times. They didn’t give us enough screen time to really relate to the family connection and I do not want to spoil too much, but this was a two part revenge movie. Even that with its big reason still wasn’t enough to show merit on the main villain’s anger.


Even with all that, it was an enjoyable experience and I have to give Big Hero 6 a 4 out of 5. I enjoyed the characters a lot, but I just wished they build the story better, but hopefully we can get a sequel with future heroic situations. I can’t stress enough to stay after the credits and really pay attention to some of the Easter Eggs in the movie like Wreck it Ralph and some Power Ranger stuff. The animated short before the movie was pretty decent as well called, “Feast”, but it raised a lot of questions with the message it was sending. I will do a short review for that another time, but I thank you all for enjoying this review and please be sure to subscribe to our site by adding your e-mail to stay updated. Stay frosty!


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