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Bayonetta 2 Hands on Review and Sexier Than Ever

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It’s been awhile, but Platinum games are bringing sexy back again. And they did by bringing over “Bayonetta 2” for the WiiU. Being a Platinum games veteran player, I’m a big fan of the Devil May Cry series (not DMC) and I also had a lot of experience with the previous Bayonetta game on the Playstation 3, so of course I’m going to have to get my hands on this witch and see how well she turned out to be.


Now it’s going to be a brief synopsis mainly because I don’t want to give any spoilers for anyone that might be interested in picking this game and it also has a connection to the 1st game, which is why they included the 1st Bayonetta game with this one to play with. Pretty much, Bayonetta’s witch Sister Jeanne’s soul is sent to hell. And of course you’re going to have to make way to a sacred land to fight your way down to hell and retrieve her back. But of course there are other villainous characters with their own agenda that just happens to be part of this journey to hell you’re going thru. And you get to know more about Bayonetta’s past life as well. Now for beginner gamers that never played the previous game, I suggest you play that Bayonetta 1 before the 2nd if your intrigued with the story-line and wants to get to know all the main characters bio n such. As for us veterans, we just want to try out the new toys and tricks to get our hands on. That really is what we all care about in this game really.



The combat system is just the same as the previous. You have your fast paced combos and dodging system with a move list that is longer than most fighting games as of Devil May Cry is! And that’s a good thing really. It’s a fun challenge to try and be creative doing new expansive complex moves that are fluidly damaging. And because of it, it sort of help counter the repetitiveness fighting throughout the game. You don’t want to just do the same move over and over, so you got to be creative in your combos! And the combos make it really accessible and easy to memorize once you get used to playing. As for the controls, well I’m used to playing this type of game on the Playstation & Xbox controller. Now I got to relearn with another type of controller since the button and thumbstick layout is opposite on the WiiU. To some beginners you can play this game on the tablet controller, but if you’re an advanced Devil May Cry combo player, then I suggest investing a WiiU Pro controller. Doing some crazy combo button mashing will no doubt will expect breaking a fragile tablet controller in your hands.


And finally, the weapons you get to play around with. Well until you work your way unlocking them of course. The toys you get to use are even crazier and fun than ever. You get to play around big flashy guns such as flamethrowers, some dual wielding swords, a giant demonic hammer, a demonic whip that would of course matches with Bayonetta’s sexy dominatrix attitude and suit. Heck, you can even get a hold of some dual wielding chainsaw blades (my favorite by the way) to cut loose on some enemies. And then to top it off, if you beat the game in Hard Mode, you will unlock a special weapon thanks to Nintendo, a Chain Chomp weapon to sling around bashing enemies with un-reckoning force.

This leads to my next topic. Nintendo graciously lend Bayonetta some fancy outfits to play around with. For every large amount of in-game credits you pay in Rodin’s Hell store, you get to try out some Nintendo eye-teasing outfits such as: Mushroom Princess dress, Link from Legend of Zelda, Samus Suit from Metroid, and Fox from StarFox. And it’s really a lot of eye teasing to see, (laughs).


Overall, Bayonetta 2 is a fun solid game. The visuals are gorgeous with sumptuous colors and a highly detailed character model that makes me surprised how well the WiiU console can run damn good. Game soundtrack has a nice juxtapose jazz that’s catchy and quite energetic that makes me want to go buy the soundtrack right now. And gameplay wise, there is a lot of extra content and features to keep you busy even after beating the game. It has online co-op and other challenging missions to keep you satisfied for more hours to come! Who knows when there might be another fast action pace beat’em up game to enjoy so much as Bayonetta 2! I give this game 4.5 out of 5!

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