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Battlefield Hardline Review

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Battlefield as many of us gamers know is one of the biggest multiplayer games out there with crazy tactics and strategic combat. It is not uncommon for a franchise to change things up in their series whereas BF went from 1942 to Modern Combat, to 2042 and now we have hardline which is more modern day. However the twist we have Cops vs. Robbers game mechanics which has not been done in FPS style before. Does it mesh well? Let’s find out.
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Multi-player feels off:

I was a bit vague when it came to the multiplayer because it was quite difficult to narrow down my feeling for play style. It has its ups and downs in certain modes, but the downside is that the gun mechanics are clunky vs. the military shooters. Do not get me wrong I am happy to move away from fighting foreign powers and sticking to the domestic combat of facing off against cops or criminals. I understand that you will not start off any multi-player with amazing weaponry, but how I am playing I feel someone messed with my weapons after I was gone for a while. Even with certain adjustments to the game I still was having some difficulty getting used to the mechanics. Some can argue that nothing has changed, but this is how I feel.

Also DICE, seriously work on the vehicle mechanics of cars, you all have been working on these games for so long and the driving mechanics are still crap. Hit detection and all are just lazy, because there are other games that I am sure you all can take a page from.


Story Mode is on Point:

What did you do? This is the first time I am actually enjoying a story mode from the Battlefield franchise. This is by far the best story DICE has done in a long while with making it feel as if you are in a cop movie or TV series when you return to the game. Usually I frown on any media that has an over use of well-known actors, because it usually gives off the impression they are trying to hard thinking the actors will make their game better. This time around it all works well to the way you can subdue suspect by flashing your badge, finding evidence throughout the mission and having the option to go out guns blazing or non-lethal. I for one rather balance it out because while I am arresting a perp, my eyes are not on the other so they feel they can take advantage of the situation by reaching for their weapon. However your A.I. partner is quick on the situation and handles it accordingly.

This story-mode would have been ten times better with a co-op feature or maybe a future DLC that gives us as 80’s Vice game mode. They do make references to the old show, so maybe it could happen.


Final Thoughts:

I have to say that Battlefield Hardline has me at a love hate relationship where I love the story mode which I gave a Five out of Five, but the multi-player mode needs some tweaks for me to enjoy it like the previous titles and that I gave it 3 out of 5. You can disagree, I do not mind I welcome your opinion on either mode and maybe I can learn from you how to play better. In that I am going to be on the PlayStation 4, so if you want to get a game going let me know and maybe you can be in my next video. Battlefield Hardline is available right now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Stay frosty gamers!


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