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Battle Chasers is Back and it is Glorious

First time I heard that Joe Madureira announcing the return of Battle Chasers was the best news to my comic book ears. The last time I read a Battle Chasers comic book was back in High School and I just recently picked up the first issue at a con last year. This time around we have even greater news as Battle Chasers has evolved from the ink pages to interactive content. That is right a video game is in the works right and there is bundles of information as well as concept art to share.

Gully Looking Beast

Gully Looking Beast

Gotta love it when a comic book gets transformed into a new medium.

Now Battle Chasers takes place in an arcanepunk style setting where I felt the main star of the story was a nine year old girl named gully that you see above. Her adventure starts when her father mysteriously vanishes and she is left with these power gloves. On the other side we meet Garrison who is a strong worry who has lost his way after the death of his wife and is now being harassed by a Pirate named Red Monika wanting to recruit his services for her crusade. However in the mist of escaping a prison Red Monika releases four deadliest of evil onto the world and now the journey becomes interesting. Luckily Gully and Garrison cross paths and become comrades at arms to help one another with the addition of Calibretto an outlaw war golem as well as the wizard Knolan.

After hearing that how could it not be a game.

After hearing that how could it not be a game.

This creation is led by Airship Syndicate to give us one interesting Role playing game coming to PC and consoles. The team consist of Christopher “The Healer” Brooks (technical director), Joe “The Rogue” Madureira (CEO & Creative Director), Ryan “The Tank” Stefanelli (President & Lead Designer) and Steve “The Ranger” Madureira (Animation Director). I really want them to take their time with this project and to bring to life an amazing and well-drawn story. Here are some action shots to wet your whistle.

As of right now just teasing something I hope to be great and I anticipate more information as it develops, but seriously guys take your time and bring home the gold with this game. The comic book is already amazing; we just expect the same amazement in the game. I am also looking forward to playing as Garrison and the Golem as well as Red Monika because she is a badass. In that being said, please stay glued for more information and be sure to visit the website to give them support. Stay frosty gamers!


Let the Journey Begin!

Let the Journey Begin!

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