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Naruto has ended, now what? Spoiler Alert

Good Day Readers, Naruto has finally ended, well it ended in November, but since then I have been in a state of limbo. This series has been a part of my life for the past 5 years. The Naruto had […]


Deathtrap Early Access Review

Good Day All, Deathtrap is billed as a tower defense game with a heavy focus on rpg elements. But I have always felt that tower defense games always had a good amount of rpg elements, so I was curious as […]


Rollers of the Realm Review

Rollers of the Realms is mash of two worlds I enjoy very much, Pinball and RPG. I never thought I would see these two mashed up genres mashed up, or would comprehend that how it would work out very well. […]


Re-Boots Can be good if done right.

Good Day Fellow Readers, KimChee X here again to bring you some insights and knowledge, well at least some personal opinions on ……Re-Boots. Re-boots can be wonderful things if done correctly, but they can be complete disasters. Re-boots and remakes […]


KimCheeX’s Manga Monday Rant on 13

Good Day good readers, I am here to bring to you a one shot manga. This has got to be one of the most beautifully violent romantic manga I have ever read. This does not take a romantic story and […]


KimCheeX’s First Impression of Kill La Kill

Kill la Kill This is the ever wonderful KimChee X in the New Year I will bring you weekly reviews on Anime and Mangas/Manwhas that I feel deserve your attention. And with that said welcome to my review of Kill […]


Throwback Thursday Manga Style – 20th Century Boys

Good Day Readers, I am here to present to you a good classic manga, 20th Century Boys. This is a great read as the story splits into two different parts with two different main characters. Even though the story seems […]