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Arrow : Left Behind Season 3 ep. 10 Review

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Now you see him/Now you don’t

So we return to Starling City with crime still out of control! 2 baddies working for the new Kingpin of the town- Brick, are being chased by the Dynamic Duo- Diggle and Arsenal. One is caught, the other gets away with Felicity working the computers to get a handle of all of this. Whoa, wait a minute- Where’s Oliver?


Okay so we come back from a mid-season break where the writers trick us into thinking all is right in Starling city- Nope. We are all missing Arrow! Even Thea and Merlyn. Last we remember Ollie is lying in the snow off a mountain after being stabbed by Ra’s Al Ghul. Come on Ollie get up!! We are taken back to that fatal battle, and a mysterious figure rescues our hero.

Back in Starling City, Laura Lance is trying her best to put the baddies away in the court room. But as Team Arrow has found out, something is about to go down in this city. Thea petitions her farther Merlyn to find Ollie. Merlyn goes to the now desolate mountain top to affirm that his plan has failed and Ollie is dead. He immediately breaks the news to Team Arrow! Eagerly, He and Thea need to get out of town since the price is still on his head from Ra’s. Their lives are in great danger!


Felicity is not taking the news too well and tries to rub her bad Karma off on Ray. Leave him alone, don’t you know he is The Atom. Her bad Karma also impedes Team Arrow as they try to stop Brick from stealing all the criminal files of convicted or waiting for trail criminals. Diggle just couldn’t go toe to toe with Brick. And Felicity freezes in getting them more info. Aw darn!

Laura Lance shows up at the Arrow cave, yes they do need new locks! And once she is told the news of Ollie, a new crime fighter is born. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Black Canary.


As Team Brick is getting its instructions, Black Canary strikes. At that time we find out who is dragging Ollie around in the snow: Maseo Yamashiro, his friend from the Flashbacks with Amanda Waller. He brings him to a cottage to a woman. Now it’s time to dig into your comic books cause that woman is Tatsu Yamashiro! Ollie jumps up from his death coma!



So is Brick going to be the new baddie in Starling city? Will the new Team Arrow (featuring Black Canary) continue to fight crime in Arrow’s absence? Will Arrow come back to Starling City as The Green Arrow? (That is how we all know him in the comics) Will this all lead to a season finale battle royal in true Arrow fashion? Stay tune true believers, the 2nd half of the season still unfolds!


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