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After Thoughts of Sexy Nerd Party Nov. 22nd: Off the Hook

Whats up good people and happy Sunday. Last night was the monthly Sexy Nerd party which was held at The Parlour on 86th and Broadway. This was a lovely venue in a nice area with decent amount of space to get your gaming, geek and nerd on. As some of you know the events are hosted by Video Games New York where you can obtain all your video game needs current and past. Kuma was on the scene hired as security to make sure things stayed groovy which wasn’t a problem at all. I am sorry you missed all the fun, but I have a video showing off what went down.



Seriously that party was off the chain and there are many more glorious adventures to come, so please hit up the Sexy Nerds facebook page to keep up to date on the upcoming parties. I would also suggest hitting up Video Games New York as well to find out about the latest games foreign and domestic shipments. As stated earlier, Kuma is very tired so I am going to take my leave. I hope to see you at the next event so we can share some new memories. Stay frosty!

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I am Kuma, a ronin unlike you've ever seen. I am the founder of Kuma Kreations Entertainment and I hope you enjoy the post and videos we provide here. Please leave your comments and I hope to read many of your opinions. Stay frosty!

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