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A Little Introduction

Hello KumaKreations readers and fellow gamers!

Iselynne here! As the newest member of the KumaKreations team I wanted to write down a few words to introduce myself and the work I will be doing for the site. That way you will get to know me a bit, and hopefully I will get to know you as well as the site grows.



I am a born and bred Norwegian viking but am currently residing in London, UK. This will allow me to access and cover some events and cons that the rest of the team are currently unable to. That’s right: KumeKreations is going international! So far the UK branch consists of… well, me. But who knows what the future holds for us?

As you might have guessed from my introduction, I am a gamer. My first console was the Nintendo 64, which some of you might argue makes me a ‘late bloomer’ in gaming. I won’t disagree; in fact I am a bit jealous of those of you who played the classics on the old NES or even Atari. However, simply having a console does not make one a passionate gamer. Sure, me and my brother would play Mario and Banjo-Kazooie for hours on end to the point where my dad would ‘ban’ the Nintendo for weeks, but it was more a hobby than an actual passion. Then one game came along one Christmas Eve that changed my life forever. That game was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. With that game Nintendo introduced me to a whole new dimension in gaming that I never knew existed. The freedom to explore a world at my own time and pace, building relationships with characters, uncovering lore about a new and magical world. Not to mention emerging at the end as the very hero of time! There was no going back. I was hooked. I guess you could say that OoT introduced me to the reality that gaming could be more than just timing jumps and collecting stars (sorry Mario!). I have been exploring new worlds ever since.


The man that changed my life!


Throughout the years I have played a wide variety of games on a range of different consoles. My rule is usually that as long as a game has a setting and/or story that interests me, I will play it regardless of genre. This leaves me pretty much neutral in the so called ‘Console War’ and makes it hard to point to a specific genre as my faviourite. If I was forced to choose I would probably end up with either RPG’s or Action Adventure games. I also have an affinity for survival horror games as the original Resident Evil was one of the games I played in my early gaming career. In fact, I blame that game for developing my love for zombie fiction in general. Most of the reviews I do for the site will probably be based around those genres, but don’t be surprised to see me play something completely different as well!

Most of the work for the site will be based around games and the gaming industry. My upcoming projects for this month is reviews of the upcoming games Tales of Hearts R (PS Vita) and Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS4), as well as an article about the first year of the PS4 vs Xbox One generation. I hope you look forward to it!


PS! Feel free to follow me on Twitter or Twitch for more gaming and adventuring.

About Iselynne

Iselynne is a viking and passionate gamer who finds it really awkward to write about themself in third person. They are currently fighting a severe addiction to chocolate milk and their favourite Pokémon is Bulbasaur.

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