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KimCheeX’s Manga Monday Rant on 13

Good Day good readers,

I am here to bring to you a one shot manga. This has got to be one of the most beautifully violent romantic manga I have ever read. This does not take a romantic story and add violence to it but turns the violence into a romantic story. Not sure if that made any sense but once you read this little gem you will get it.


This is a one shot manga, so it is short, about 39 pages in all. So there is no excuse for you to not read this. The main characters are 2, a boy named Mondo Fujieda and a girl named Izayo Gorugo. This starts out innocently where the two are in elementary school where Mondo has a crush on Izayo, but ends with Izayo declaring she will kill Mondo. Izayo leave schools and flash forward to High School, Mondo is the school delinquent and the leader of his gang. Like many manga this is nothing new, until Izayo returns and Mondo is both fearful and excited. He was fearful for the threat he received from Izayo and excited because his crush had returned.

Izayo was true to her word she was there to kill him, weaponry and high speed volley balls were used to try and end Mondos’ life. He gathers his gang to finish Izayo off the only way he could think of, to jump Izayo. Anyways this is where I shall leave it at, and hope for all to read this.

This can only be found online I think, not sure where they would collect one shot manga’s at in the states but I would like for a publisher to just collect as many one shot mangas’ and put them together in a series for us to read.

Anyways enjoy the read and if you need a link, click here.

Have fun.

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