An Encore For Rockband


An Encore For Rockband


Tom, thank you so much for hosting such an event. Nolan, thanks for inviting me. Brian, Ross, you guys are awesome! Thanks for inspiring me at an impasse where I felt I needed to give up what I love to grow up. Most of my dearest memories in gaming were at geek parties where we sit around and play Rockband and it sounds silly to think. But Rockband has really played a fair set in my life and I wanted to take the time clink glasses to say cheers to its community.

Seattle Rockband stage crew

Seattle Rockband stage crew Photo courtesy of

As of late, every Sunday evening from 7 PM until 2 AM, I have been singing my lungs out, power sliding and being a dork on Seattle Rockband Group’s twitch where they stream each performance at AFK Elixers and Eatery in Renton, WA. Even through the twitch drama, they have been providing a safe, positive, haven as well as an ideal geek hangout spot at AFK which houses some of the best events for those seeking entertainment of a peculiar taste. Tom and his Rockband crew provide some of the best equipment to emulate that rockstar experience using not just the “Pro Series” instruments, but TWO mics with stands, two tambourines, large speakers, a whole lot of rock out space and even that stage lighting to add a cherry to that pie.

SeattleRockbandGroup Twitch stream

SeattleRockbandGroup Twitch stream

I’ve had a lot of experience with a large variety of gaming communities. I’ve been a part of the Halo Community, fighters, World of Warcraft and even a bit of Lol but out of all these groups, Rockband seems to be the one I consistently comeback to. From high school to now, the game has been open and penalty free. With a fail-safe mode, progressive levels, and a wide range of songs so that you can find “your song”, there is no fear of “sucking”. With that said, anyone any age that can push buttons in accordance to the screen is capable of playing. Shoot, if you just want to hold a guitar and pretend you can play something then HELL YEAH you can even do that! The game isn’t necessarily level based and skill is an asset but not required. I know why people play games for different reasons but it’s not too often that you run into a game that is built for pure enjoyment without the pressure of “being good”.


LOXRB at BigWow Comicfest where Goldfish discovered the group

Its waaay too often I’ve been shit-talked online, deleted from groups in League of Legends or even stressed about not keeping up with all these games that are being so feverishly pumped out. I love video games and I don’t want to think I should have to defend my passion for the art because I’m busy writing and sharing news with you guys. I think it wouldn’t hurt the video game industry to take a look over their shoulder real quick and take a lesson from the past. Maybe we can learn a little bit from not just the game… but maybe the people who play it as well. It’s nice to know that there is a game out there with a community you can just jump into and feel welcome, as well as comfortable.


If you’re looking for that group, two groups I can recommend: If you’re in the Seattle area, please feel free to c’mon down to AFK where you can join the group and I in some debauchery. For more information you can search them at In the San Jose, CA/Bay Area, shout outs to my friends at League of Extrodinary Rockbanders (LOXRB). You can search them on! I know they generally do different meet ups at cons and events but they generally meet at the 7 Stars Bar and Grill once a month. By the way… 7 Stars is a Star Wars themed bar if you do not know that already. Don’t have a Rockband community close? You should start one! It does take some work and dedication but so far the community has yet to let me down. I have met some of the coolest people and most memorable moments in these gatherings and hope that one day when playing this game, if you haven’t already, you will be brave enough to rock out with us. In the name of Goldfish “Never be afraid to jump you Fishbowl.”  \m/ Rock on, yo.


Goldfish rocking out in her Judy Nails cosplay Cosplay made and assembled by Photo courtesy of


~ Goldfish -glub-

PS: Please enjoy this youtube vid of me rocking out in a banana suit.



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