Downloadable Content Wishlist for Mortal Kombat X


Downloadable Content Wishlist for Mortal Kombat X

So, check this out! Not too long ago there was a rumor that Predator might make an appearance on Mortal Kombat X, which is great freaking news if you ask me. However, I thought to myself, what if there were other DLC characters that I wish could be added in the game. This list will be a bit weird and I will explain each characters fatality, but honestly how the Mortal Kombat universe works, anyone can be in the game. So please keep in mind that this will be a fun list with some reasonable additions as well. I hope you enjoy.

10. King Shark


That is right folks I am kicking things off with a very deadly criminal from the DC Universe and one of the easiest. We all know that NetherRealm is part of Warner Bros so this choice is doable even though the cross over didn’t do so well, but come on King Shark would make a great deadly Downloadable character for MK X. He has a tank like ability, more of a brawler I would say and his move set would be very deadly. If I were to pick a Fatality for King Shark it would be either “Blood Bath” where he quickly dives his opponent in water devours them leaving only pieces or what I call “Feeding Frenzy” where this would just be an on Stage fatality using his metal jaws to rip his opponent apart, while burping at the end.

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9. Cyborg Ninja Metal Gear Solid


I say, why not? Mortal Kombat is full of Cyborgs, ninjas…Ninjas that are cyborgs. I think that Cyborg Ninja from MGS series would be a perfect DLC character and the best part he can be on both platforms without a problem. I would think he would have the most amusing finisher going into a super fast barrage of swipes with his blade that will just make the body fall apart like meat chunks. The funny part of it would be the ninja tossing a watermelon in the air making the opponent look at it thinking he will cut that, but the watermelon remains untouched. I say watermelon because thats how they used the new sword physics in Metal Gear Revengenace.

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8. Rayne from Bloodrayne


Okay, lets be real here. We all know that all of the ladies in MK have deadly sex appeal and I do mean deadly, because they all can kill you in all sorts of ways. Thats why I chose Rayne from the Bloodrayne series, because she has that same sex appeal and many weapons to utilize in some serious devastation. I think she will give Baraka a run in the bladed arms department, but she is also a vampire with chain tubes to suck blood or attack from a distance. It all works out, but as for a fatality I would be that guy and use one of her seductive finishers where she drains all the blood from her victim sensually of course.

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7. T-1000 Terminator 2


This liquid metal killing machine from the future would be a great asset to Shao Khan in the tournament or Quan Chi, whomever gets to him first and can figure out how to reprogram him. Of course I picked him because of his torturing methods in the Terminator 2 films and the ability to morph into anyone of equal mass. Being able to form any stab material is an awesome skill. As for a finisher, I would use his famous finger stab through the eye move with the opponents body jiggling and than he cuts your head off. Nostalgic and gruesome at the same time.

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6. Swamp Thing


All right, I am putting him in the list because he deserves more surface time. So far Swamp Thing has made cameos and I feel he would be one of the deadliest fighters in MK. There are many swamps in the Mortal Kombat world for him to just have fun in, as well as being a damp character hard to fight. I thought of this area that is in Mortal Kombat of the trees that move and have mouths. If he could have a special stage Fatality there where he manipulates the trees to attack and devour his enemy. I would be amazed and find that to be so hilarious. Outside of the stage fatality I would have him attack you with many thorn vines and spin you apart with them. In the end screw green peace would be the message.

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5. Carnage


COME ON! This should be so obvious why Carnage would make a great character in Mortal Kombat. I know what you are going to say, “BUT BUT KUMA….Carnage is Marvel!” *slaps you* I F**KING KNOW THAT, but as I said earlier…you know what moving on. Carnage known as Cletus Kasady is a murderous maniac that gains super powers from get a taste of the venom symbiote. The endless possibilities that carnage can kill his opponent I would have to leave to the imagination. I mean he can form anything and Morph his body to do some disturbing things. I picture Carnages fatality to be like what was done to that women at the end of the first Silent Hill movie. He would just put endless about of symbiotic blades that form barbwire through his opponent and rip them as it goes through their mouth…yup leaving a bloody psychotic mess.

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4. WitchBlade


This one is actually a shout out to my spiritual sister MalkiSyren. Syren is a big Witchblade fan and her abilities would work well in this game, especially being a holder of the Witchblade that I would think any female in outworld would want to wield for themselves. As for a finisher I would see her armor up impaling her victim and forming a saw to split them apart.

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3. Dredd


I would have him replace Stryker, but Dredd is the right kind of badass that would fit in this game. Being Judge, Jury and Executioner Dredd would find everyone guilty and with that being said his finisher would be him saying a break down of the infractions. The final sentence of course would be death with any number of ammo to use in which I would combo it with knee capping his foe, to a shot to the gut and ending it with a hot shot (flare) right in the mouth burning through their head.

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2. Raphael


*puts up shield* So if you are going to throw tomatoes at me for picking the 2014 movie version look for Raphael, go right ahead. I think this version of him fits just right and I enjoy the full bandana he is wearing, besides he is the tough brawler of the brothers so him being all super mutant was fine with me. I do still have a problem with the height, but we are just going to have to deal with it. In the IDW comic books Raphael is a badass with a lot of anger behind him, so he would be a fitting creature for the MK series and if I were to pick a finisher it would be from the Out of the Shadows game. As some of you know he uses Sai’s so he would launch both Sai’s into his Opponents feet sticking them to the ground, launch a fury of shurikens and finally role into grab both Sai’s from their feet to perform a beheading uppercut with one Sai. Raphael Wins…Fatality!

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All right good people we are down to the final choice and I think this one is over due to be in a video game.

1. Kuma (That’s right me)


Yes I would be a great DLC character in the game for many obvious reasons, but I would add some additional features making me more Man-Animal if you will. If some of you do not know me by now, I take on the persona of an animorphic bear or a meta-human bear. That would be my ability and bringing back Animalities to the game with my finisher turning me into a werebear and mauling my opponent. The after would be me picking my teeth with my opponents bones and burping. The kicker would be I would have to change my name from Kuma to my old name Grizz so not to confuse the Tekken character. I mean it is in most of our dreams to be added to a video game that we all enjoy. This would be my dream so NetherRealm, I will be happy to do motion capture…just saying.

Everyone, I hope you enjoyed this Rumor Mill top ten Tuesday Post. I had fun with this and I hope you had fun reading it, but please do me a favor and leave a comment of which character you would want in the series. I don’t care how ridiculous, I just want to see how creative you can be with your thought. In that please check out our Mortal Kombat X preview in this link and be sure to check back as more information develops. Stay frosty gamers!

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  • ChatWraithUpsilon
    Aug 5, 2014 @ 19:40 pm

    Bloodrayne would actually be fantastic

    • Aug 5, 2014 @ 20:54 pm

      I think so as well. Do you have anyone you would like in the series as DLC?

      • ChatWraithUpsilon
        Aug 5, 2014 @ 23:26 pm


        • Aug 5, 2014 @ 23:58 pm

          Yea Spawn would always be a great choice and Raziel, his soul sucking would be a great match to Ermac.

  • Bert Malcom
    Aug 5, 2014 @ 21:28 pm

    All members of Kiss!!!!

    • Aug 5, 2014 @ 23:16 pm

      Shoot That would be a great idea especially since they had a game called Psycho Circus. I would be down for KISS characters in this game.


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