Toy Preview of Figma Racing Miku and her TT-ZERO 13

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Toy Preview of Figma Racing Miku and her TT-ZERO 13

Any collectors out there? Don’t be shy, because being in this lovely community it is in our nature to be collectors of either comic books, video games, manga and of course toys. I know a few big collectors that either stick to one genre or dabble into all. Kuma is one of those collectors that dabbles into all things and Play-Asia just sent me an e-mail for pre-ordering on the Figma Racing Miku 2013: EV MIRAI VER. Those of you that are not familiar with this lovely anime character, you might recognize her as a digital idol in rhythm games mostly. This time you can have this lovely character and her motorcycle the RIDE SPRIDE.06. I have to admit it is a lovely figurine, but see for yourself.

There is not much information to be shared from Play-Asia, but the figurine is in pre-order status for $52.99 US coming from Japan and the Bike goes for $65.99. I say this now that both are sold separately and to be fair I believe the price would of been more if they were to be sold together. Either way both look amazing and when my cousin walked into the room he states, “I didn’t know you were into motorcycles?” That’s how great the motorcycle looks that it fooled my cousin into thinking it was actually real. That alone convinced me that I need to have both in my collection.


If you want to pre-order head on over to this link and this link to make your purchase which will be released in October of this year. Thank you for checking out this preview and please come back to see more. Stay frosty!

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