Preview and Thoughts on Mortal Kombat X


Preview and Thoughts on Mortal Kombat X

Are you ready to defend the Earthrealm once again? Are you ready for the bloody carnage and victory of removing ones head with their spine attached? I do hope so gamers because Mortal Kombat was the game that gave us the ESRB in the first place and I am happy to hear that part 10 or in my case I feel it is part 2 is coming out. I say that because Mortal Kombat 9 as they call it was a reboot to the whole series and they did a damn good job, especially with the characters and storyline. At the end of MK nine, it left us with another possibility with the defeat of Shao Khan, however Quan Chi and his master Shinnok. This is great news and hopefully they will bring it out to all consoles and I do mean all, yes Nintendo WiiU needs some love people don’t hate on the system. But what would I want with this sequel? You didn’t ask but, I will tell you anyway.



I say bring it on and I thank you all for checking out my thoughts on Mortal Kombat Ten. As Scorpion would say, “GET BACK HERE” for more information as it develops, but before you leave check out the full trailer if you haven’t already.



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