Com-Mix Strip Review of Superman Doomed #1


Com-Mix Strip Review of Superman Doomed #1

So it has been already 3 years since the debut of the New 52 series by DC Comics and I have to admit it is a series with high and low points. It seems that the roles changed when the New 52 series began where Batman is a bit more compassionate and a team player, Superman is more brooding with a tougher look, Aquaman is no longer a joke, Wonder Woman seems a bit more playful than Warrior Woman at times and Hal Jordan is more of an Ass than usual. I stand at what I said on the highs and lows when reading the series, but right now I picked up Superman DOOMED. It caught my eye because of its white cover and than on the inside a picture of Doomsday ripping Superman’s cape, which made me go, “Damn they killing him off again?”

The story starts off with an alert on Honey Moon Island in the Bahama’s, but now it has become a death trap for all islanders since doomsday shows up looking more evolved and hungry for more destruction. This is a doomsday that made me go,”Dammmmn, calm your spikes!” He is now radiated and can control the warp portals of the phantom zone, which is pretty screwed up, but what in the hell is drawing him to the planet on this killing spree? Here is the thing that makes you raise an eyebrow, people are dying with him just being a few feet from him. It is as if he isn’t powerful as it is, they kicked up his killing aura to an unstoppable level. However, our boy scout in blew is here to put an end to this threat and I am hoping that this has a different outcome than before. It seems in the New 52, Superman handled Doomsday with no problems, but this time after analyzing his bio-metrics, they have discovered that he is drawn to the Kryptonian.

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Doomsday has shown up many times in many different forms, especially once where there were an army of them and that would of been a whole lot of Nope in my case. Once again Superman is faced with that age of problem of being a Hero where he asks, “Is it Sentient?” I am sorry folks, but I get the whole idea of not killing and being a true hero, but in this case Doomsday needs to die. You have to put your morals aside and realize that it can’t be reasoned with or put down properly. It is now jumping through portals feeding to build up to take you down. This is also my first time seeing John Henry a.k.a Steel in the New 52 and I am sorry, but he looks like a prototype of Cyborg with his Blue one eye piece and only parts of his body armored up. He goes into battle with no helmet covering and his suit warns him of an airborne toxin…I don’t know who was the one that thought this was okay, especially for one that relies on a suit of armor, but I was not surprised by the end result.

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I enjoyed the battles in this first issue, because they go full on crazy for a first issue, usually you have to wait down the line before things get real, but there is a reason that I do not wish to spoil for you who have not read it yet. Wonder Woman went full on, “YOU WILL KNOW ME ON THIS DAY!” mode against Doomsday, but what caught my eye is that they are really keeping the love interest between WW and Superman. Besides any woman that asks me for the head of our enemy is a keeper!


The art style is well done and the panels mesh well, but my favorite panel is where Superman really shows how much of a burden it is to make those hard decisions. He doesn’t have his sunny side as much as he used too, he became more believable as one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe. I kind of like that about it, he takes the idea of really letting lose driving Doomsday off the planet and proceeding to literally rip him in two. You get to see Superman really unleash his fury and I can feel where he is coming from having to deal with Doomsday time and time again, as well as knowing how many people died because of this thing.

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Despite some of the questionable characters especially what is going on with Lois Lane, I rather enjoyed this book and looking to see what will happen next with the cliff hanger they left us. It definitely caught my interest and this evolution story-line for Doomsday is working well, it makes sense. He is an abomination of violence and the only one to really bring him down was the Man of Steel himself. The hatred is strong with this enemy, but the fate of the world hangs on what happens next.

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I give Superman: Doomed a 4.5 out of 5. It available right now at your local comic book shop with a lovely white cover and I would definitely check it out. I thank you all for stopping by and be sure to check out Monte’s Mayhem podcast on latest comic books and what is happening in the geek culture. Stay frosty!

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