Wildstar MMO Shared Thoughts Preview


Wildstar MMO Shared Thoughts Preview

As many of you already know the open beta for Wildstar is fully live right now until May 18th and even though I was part of the first wave during Pax East 2014. I say better late than never and so I have my thoughts in video form for you to enjoy.



That is right gamers come June 3rd you will go on a wild ride either as the Dominion or the Exile to take control of Nexus. In that you have two choices with your purchase, either by getting the standard for $59.99 or you can acquire the deluxe for $79.99. These two items will both be available digitally or you can have the physical copy. However, here is what will come with the Wildstar Deluxe Edition.


Digital Deluxe Edition includes:

  • 30 days of play time
  • Housing Décor Item
  • Hoverboard Mount
  • Eldan Costume
  • Eldan Player Title
  • Dye — Eldan colours
  • Three Guest Passes with seven days of play time

All right star gazers, whatever side you choose I hope it is the one you feel most comfortable with. I hope to see you for the fight for Nexus when Wildstar finally launches. Stay frosty gamers!

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