TitanFall Review


TitanFall Review

We all tend to fight for something that we believe in, whether you’re a faction wants to up-rise against oppression or if you’re fighting against rebels that don’t understand the good you want to bring to all. The Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Militia are in a heated battle that can only be settled with your skills and the help of mobile weaponry known as titans that will tip the balance for either side. If you have the means operate inside as well as outside in combat. In that welcome to my review of Titanfall.


Okay recruit the first thing you need to do is get familiar with the combat styles, your titan and load-outs of your weaponry. This will all happen with the tutorial that you can skip if you feel you know what you are doing, but I would suggest it, especially when you have to train commanding your titan inside and out. Once done there you have two choices of playing multi-player campaign or classic Titanfall. The Campaign gives you a synopsis of what is the big beef between the IMC and Milita, while you are fronted with spectre (NPC operatives) that are pretty much cannon fodder as you survey the area for enemies. It goes deeper with each map by granting players with different game modes as in Hardpoint, Attrition, Last Titan Standing, Capture the Flag, Pilot Hunter and Variety Pack. Most would say that there is nothing new about these modes, but with the added addition of parkour and Titans brings a higher level of intensity in each mode. The whole terrain is your battle ground going vertical and not just horizontal. The thing about the campaign that makes it unique is the fact that it works well. This caters to both gamers that enjoy multi-player and those that enjoy a campaign. It is short though, so don’t expect something to heavy of a story arc, because you can see it as just sugar on top of an already delicious dessert.


This time around we have a fully mobile First Person Shooter that will have your brain going in overdrive thinking of unique ways to tackling your opponents. I was teamed up with my buddy Seph_Dean and we coordinated like a well oiled machine. In the first portion you will be limited to load-outs and your will be fashioned with a cloaking feature that last about 5 seconds give or take, but in that time you have to pay attention to someone with the same ability. No matter who uses the power up both sides names will disappear so be cautious of friend and foe. Once you reach level 5 you will begin to use custom load-outs to make Titanfall your own with your choice of skills. The more you level up the more equipment you unlock and that includes burn cards, which grant you and added advantage in battle after your first death. If you do expire, you will get a chance to activate said burn card the next time you respawn and hopefully you will do justice behind it. I will give you a demonstration of a match with Seph_Dean and I during the midnight release.



I know most people see an FPS as something that should be played on a keyboard and I would agree, but when it comes to Titanfall; I was in need of a controller. The buttons in itself mimic the Xbox One or 360 controls with standard FPS features of jump, crouch, switch weapons and melee. Now you have the parkour element that happens automatically when jumping towards the surface, but if you sprint you can get a longer run and get higher distance. There is a double jump feature if you have not noticed in the video, when timed right can get you to cover more ground better. I have not run into any hiccups with controls and I love the smooth mobility, but I feel as if a slide feature would be nice, but that is asking too much.

The weaponry is my all time favorite. There are some people complaining about the OP of the smart pistol and shotgun, but I find that more of a challenge. I will agree that they are a bit over-powered, however I have found ways around those particular guns, especially the shotgun since you need to be close to get a good effect. The smart pistol makes you feel as if you are in the movie wanted because it will lock on targets and curve around corners, it is a great starter gun for anyone with horrible aim, but you need to make the distance for it to be effective. I myself enjoy the rifle and shotgun. There are sniper rifles and secondary pistols to use, but I tend to switch to my titan killer at times on regular enemies and I know the Geneva convention would not approve, but to hell with that. Once you get a Titan after a wait period you will be fitted with rockets, and your primary weapon which could be a chain gun, rail gun or missile launcher to name a few. There are side abilities like the Vortex Shield which will catch-all bullets and missiles to redirect it back at the enemy. If that is not your style I would suggest the electric smoke that will disorient another Titan. In a short while you can do my all time favorite by going old school melee attacks. If you do enough damage to another titan while in your titan you can proceed to rip the pilot out of their cockpit and as DP would say, “Unalive them” in the politic sense (laughs). Now don’t think that being on the ground gives you a disadvantage against a titan, because you can always rodeo your way up and take them down by popping open their panel. Once you accomplish that use any of your weapons to bring the beast down before the pilot ejects and takes you down.


If you want a better tactical advantage just leave your titan and put it on A.I mode to either follow you or be a sentry to lay down cover fire in which ever way helps you out. I find that feature extra reliable because it gives you a rope a dope advantage to an unsuspecting enemy, as well as works as an alert to get out of dodge.

The visuals are freaking amazing and sorry to use this expression, “but it is way past cool” to just enjoy the textures and the terrain. I love an FPS that is either in the future or in some far off galaxy, because it pushes the developers to reshape our vision of what is out there in the areas that we visit. I have to say great job on having a beautiful imagination for us gamers to play in.

As great as Titanfall is, there are the bad points that need to be addressed. I find the campaign to be meager, but I am hoping there will be more DLC to expand it even further because unlike others I am interested in the campaign. It is not that high of a priority, because I am having a lot of fun with the multi-player. There have been server issues lately where I can’t get into a match at all half the time, but when it works it works very well. The burn cards are a bit much and I hardly utilize them, some don’t make sense to me to have and it would be interesting to have a trade system with other players, but that’s a bit much.

Titanfall brings the best of both worlds with a strong multi-player with an amazing campaign to co-op in. In that being said I give Titanfall a 4.5 out of 5 and pretty gives it a BUY rating in my book. The leveling up system is solid, the mixture of FPS and parkour gives gamers a better way to combat their opponents, as well as the added addition of throwing in War-bots for you to bring the battlefield into your favor. Depending on the maps you are at the wildlife will even at times attack you, but not often. It is nice interactive backgrounds and no you can cause damage to the buildings, which is not that big of a feature that I feel should be on everything. I thought about it and yes it would make sense to have destructive environments, but I can deal without it. The big question that I get, “Is it worth the 65 dollar price tag?” I say yes, because it is a game that will keep your interest and you will have fun. Titanfall is out now for the PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 and if you have an origin, please feel free to add me so we can get a game going. Thank you all for checking out my review and hope to see you again soon. Stay frosty gamers!

Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: First Person Shooter
Rated: M for Mature Audience
Price: $59.99
KKEnt’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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  • Shae Nydm Lunaz
    Mar 17, 2014 @ 21:01 pm

    4.5 out of 5 means I must purchase and have no life for about a week.


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