Kuma Steals your Attention with this Thief Review


Kuma Steals your Attention with this Thief Review

I enjoy the idea of being a thief with honor, however how long will that last in a worth with hardly any nobility left? Either way as Garrett, you need all the tools to survive, but the choice will be yours on how you obtain the many treasures throughout this cursed city. It is time to take everything and give nothing back, especially the secrets you will uncover.

Thief starts off with you of course in someone else’s home going through their belongings to find many shiny things, but of course you run into your partner Erin. Erin uses more unconventional means to deal with obstacles through her ventures to better Garrett, until a disagreement leads to an unexpected event with some people in robes. It is kind of funny how things go wrong when dealing with people in spiritual dark acts. In that you wake in a carriage hiding out as you return to your home called, “The City” and no I am not kidding, that is actually the name of the place. The main problem going on is the city is now ruled by someone called The Baron, but things get worse when there is a plague going on and something seems to be lurking underneath…Being a thief is one thing, but when you add some weird humanoid entities, it is time to step up your gear.


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It comes down to choice, either you can be an opportunist, ghost or predator in a pie chart form. It all depends on how you go through each board in which you will be graded and so far I am an opportunist, which means I enjoy using more of my environment and in second I am a predator. I was actually playing it quite safe just to get a general feel of my movements and abilities. I do enjoy the quick shift between shadows for a fast dash to the dark or when you need to get behind an enemy to pick their pocket and take them down if you choose. The focus option is your best tool throughout your venture, because you get a second sight in blue on items or passages to take. The focus can also slow down time to execute certain tactics more effectively, but use it wisely. Other attributes are peeking corners and of course your using your bow for both non-lethal as well as lethal means.


The tools you carry will be your gateway through the city and as I mentioned about your bow, so far there are five different arrow tips that you will have at your disposal to find through the area. There are blunt, explosive, flash, smoke, regular arrow tipped, flame, water and roped. My personal favorite is the flame and blunt arrows; there is nothing more satisfying than knocking out a guard from a distance just to get a quick escape, the flames come in handy for other conventional needs that I do not want to spoil for you. Certain abilities can be upgraded later on, but seriously the biggest thing you have to consider is Thief is all about choice.


I have to say that the game has that effect to cause me to whisper and if you do not understand what I mean, then you have not played a good stealth game. I say this because the NPC’s or A.I’s are freaking intelligent and even though this game does not support voice recognition, I still end up whispering just in case. There are times when you think that the A.I is too stupid, but you have to think about the human element that they believe no one would be able to steal from them. The guards can be tough opponents at times too and once you are caught you will have to find the best tactic to escape. I would not recommend trying to stick around and throw down, because you will be overrun.

Lets get into what my friend Goldfish suggested about the artist view of Thief and I have to admit playing on the PC really brings out the textures and design that developers wanted us to enjoy. The atmosphere of a stealth game really does the environment justice, especially dealing with the lightening strikes and the little things you have to appreciate the most. The face when using my arrow rope causing the wood to splinter when struck or the interaction with the furniture actually gives off that sense you opened a wooden draw. The whole city felt grim and dark, as well as alive all the same. It just made exploring all worth it.


If I had to choose a few elements that were to drop down my final score, it would be the pacing of the game. This is one of those titles that will give you a lot of slow moments going around stealing items, but will conclude in a much bigger plot. In the end it is all about how your patients will last until you find out the truth behind the Baron and Erin’s fate. The story itself is very bland and leaves at meh at times, I was mostly making my own story interesting as playing as Garrett, but it is funny, because he must have one of those bottomless silent bags. I ran off with a lot of loot without making a sound and people are heavy sleepers in this game. I believe this game is an acquired taste, but lets get to my verdict.

Thief in the is visually stunning fun for those that are really into stealth titles and with that I stand that it gets a 3.5 out of 5. The developers went above and beyond by making a smooth playing game and the environments are fun to navigate through, but that’s pretty much it, you start figuring out what is truly going down half way through the game and for me Normal difficulty is decent, but I would amp up the difficulty for a bigger challenge. I would say depending on if you are a speed runner you can tackle the game in a day with a lot of trial and error, as well as the annoying loading screens. That really dropped down the score with those loading screens. All right I am going to get back into this house because there is a nice necklace that needs a new home, but I thank you all for reading my review and please leave a comment with your thoughts if you felt this was useful. Thief is available now for PC, Ps3, Ps4, Xbox One and Xbox 360; please hit up the amazon store to purchase your copy today. Stay frosty gamers!

Developer: Eidos Montreal
Publisher: Square Enix
Genre: Stealth
PLatforms: Microsoft Windows, Ps3, Ps4, Xbox One, Xbox 360
#player: 1
Kuma’s Verdict: 3.5 out of 5

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