Top Ten Tuesday’s Best of Console Bundles Present and Past


Top Ten Tuesday’s Best of Console Bundles Present and Past

Everyone loves a good bundle package and when the holidays come around we would expect more of these to happen, but the industry seems reluctant on making you make your own bundles. I can see why people even with a bundle package, people will still ask if they can swap the item for another that they want. I know the value is equal and all, but there is a reason why this bundle is coming with this system and not the other way around where you choose the games you want to go with the bundle. The market just wants to get rid of certain product as fast as possible, especially those that are categorized as top selling products. Either way maybe some retailers would benefit by giving people a choice by a list of two games to go with their bundle, but my point here is, why not just lead with a bundle on launch instead of the other way around. It would be almost the same value and there would be less hassle and complaining from the consumer. However that is too logical for this world, either way here is my top ten list of bundles present and past.

10. Nintendo Entertainment System Mario/Duck Hunt Bundle


I was talking with my cousin over Thanksgiving about system bundles of yesteryear and I do miss it when you got more than just a controller and a console. I brought up a while ago that games need more of the imaginative mascots because of this factor. I would say put the mascot with the game, but frankly only certain or rather one company has a true mascot which has been the face of their company for years. I have to admit, I give Nintendo props for thinking about their demographic audience as a gamer.

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9. Sega Genesis Altered Beast Bundle


This was the system I received on Christmas of 1990 I believe, I can’t remember. I was star struck because not only was it an Altered Beast bundle, but it came with Sonic the Hedgehog as well. I didn’t even know about it, which how Christmas should be dammit, the joy of the surprise is the best part and when my little bear cub paws ripped through the wrapping paper to reveal my Genesis. I was done, it was all over and I almost kicked the whole family out of the house just to have alone time with my system.

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8. Super NES Bundle with Killer Instincts


Wasn’t fan during the Sega vs. Nintendo wars I was all about Sega, but I did dabble from time to time on the Super NES for one of the first fighting games to bring Combos’ to the genre. That was one badass bundle if you ask me and there were a few others by Nintendo that featured two controllers. The point is that at least you got something.

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7. Sega Saturn Sega Rally Bundle


I do not care what anyone says, I loved this system for what it offered and the I loved the confusion of people thinking the back flap was for the Sega genesis games, honestly that would of been cool, but in fact if you found the right store you can get an import cartridge to play Japanese titles and of course I did, especially Golden Axe Duel, the first fighting game of the series. However, when the nights into dreams bundle came out with that prototype Dreamcast controller was amazing. My favorite games on there was Virtua Cop series.

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6. Gameboy Color Bundle with Pokemon Yellow


I actually had the purple one that came with Donkey Kong, but this was a big hit when it came out with the supposed Cartoon version dedicated to that loving electric mouse. I remember my friend having to wait for this bundle to be release and was she so happy to acquire it. To me the gameboy will always be my favorite handheld for that specific reason of pokemon battles.

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5. Sega Dreamcast Bundle


The year is 1999 and OMG THE FREAKING SEGA DREAMCAST IS RELEASE ON 9/9/99. That was the trippiest release date ever and drove people nuts because the Dreamcast was thinking! I actually didn’t pick up this bundle, but a store put one together as a special and for the same price I got Sonic Adventure and omg I never looked back until the company went belly up and broke all of our hearts by saying, “No longer making consoles!” I was devastated, but dammit they had a great run.

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4. Nintendo Again with a Zelda Silver Gamecube Console Bundle


This came out, I am not a fan, but I know many who were and I added it because Nintendo is on a role for keeping up with bundles.

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3. PlayStation 3 Last of Us and Batman Arkham Origins Black Friday Bundle


This passed black Friday was a major shopping year with all the Ps4 and Xbox One’s being sold. The great bundle that had me floored was the 250gb Ps3 system with The Last of Us and Batman Arkham Origins for $199.99. The funny part is when a consumer asked which is better vs. the 12gb system for the same price. He really debated on which one was the better choice…like dude wtf? Are you kidding me? Either I hope those that wanted a Ps3 jumped on the opportunity for this system.

Chain Break2. Halo 4 Xbox 360 Bundle


Chain BreakThis was a tie choice because both were great handheld bundles and I for one thought for $300 dollars with playstation plus and five games for free is a great deal, but the Nintendo 3dsXL bundle with Mario & Luigi Dream Team is amazing too.  So with that being said check out these two bundles.

1. PSvita PlayStation Plus bundle and Nintendo 3DS XL Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bundle

Both bundles are badass and my favorite. Sony really did a great job with bundling up the PSVita so far especially import wise, but this was the right package for anyone starting off with the system. The second is a delightful number which features Mario and Luigi Dream team and that is going for $230.69 in the aStore. Definitely check that out, honestly I am glad Nintendo pushes out these bundles and I wish the other consoles would do the same when they launch instead of waiting.

It is the holiday season and I want you all to really consider the bundles that are out there for the new gamers or old gamers in your life. Try to surprise them with the gifts that will make them have fond memories as I have. I hope you all enjoyed this top ten Tuesday and be sure to check back for more post right here, as well as hit that subscribe button on the top right of the page. Stay frosty gamers, happy holidays.



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