Com-Mix Strip Presents: Live Action Young Justice Coming to CW?


Com-Mix Strip Presents: Live Action Young Justice Coming to CW?


The age of great cartoons lasting more than a few seasons is long gone, but I was snooping around the internet and hit up The Geek Cave Blog on tumblr who came across some information that the CW might pick up the Young Justice series, but as a live action show. To be fair the Arrow Series and the new Agents of S.h.i.e.l.d is doing pretty darn good so far, also the recent announcement of Netflix picking up a few Marvel comic books to be live action shows is also happy news. I don’t see why not with Young Justice and it would be good for both teens and adults who are fans.

Now who would you pick to play the roles of these heroes?


I honestly can’t think of anybody at this point, but I have faith they could pull something off well, but that would also mean cameos from the adult heroes. That would make the show even more top notch, especially how it played out in the cartoon, but for fun lets pick a few cos-players that I know who would be good for the role of some of the characters.

391388_111747368974251_1520552381_nSoni Aralynn as Artemis. I honestly fits perfectly since she already designed her own costume and fits the persona for the role very well. It would be safe to choose her for the role if we were going for actual likeness, which is not likely the case when it comes to CW making a comic book inspired tv series.



1274309_578825785509972_722637231_oHe goes by Spectra Cosplay on Facebook. I do not know his real name, but dude has the look for Aqualad in my opinion. Keep in mind that is is my opinion.




298861_302001959810526_1436498790_n Alexey Velazquez would be my pick for Nightwing, he just needs to learn the Escrima weaponry that I gave him and he would be great for the role. He knows the lore of Dick Grayson and has the spirit, so I would choose him.




14474_251976804929954_1182666627_n Miss Gidget I can see as the Young Justice Zatanna and yes it was the outfit and her whole look, but you have to admit she does pull it off very well. In her other cosplay works, she has mostly done Anime characters, but I don’t think it would be much of a challenge to take on the role of the magical vixen.



That is all I can think of for now, but if the rumors become fact, then I hope for the best with the series and the budget to go with it. There is a lot to touch base on if this comes to light. I am hoping for something, but not holding my breath until more concrete information comes out. Stay frosty!

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  • Robert J. Dean
    Dec 3, 2013 @ 5:51 am

    I enjoyed “Young Justice,” and seeing a live action series would be pretty cool! (if they make the script good)


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