Preview of MXGP and The New Physics Footage


Preview of MXGP and The New Physics Footage

Welcome motocross fans to this preview of MXGP The Official Motocross Videogame coming to PC, Ps3, Ps4, PS Vita and Xbox 360 Spring of next year. I don’t know about you, but motocross is a tough sport and so far the fan base has been huge for a long time, but so far not many games have done the genre justice. I am hoping that with MXGP, it will take us to a whole new level of motocross racing and of course stunts. Lets check out this new physics video.

Wow that looks sick and the graphics are on point. I was not sure if I was actually looking at a game or live footage, but I am so far impressed with how it looks. This is actually coming from official FIM World Motocross Championship and will feature all the riders, teams, bikes and rules. This sounds like it will be the premiere simulator for motocross enthusiast, which is about time. Taken from the developers.

“The main keyword of MXGP is loyalty and this is particularly clear in several elements of the game such as the tracks. The track of Maggiora has been realized in 1:1 scale, as on the real one. The same principle has been applied for the bike and riders’ behaviour and the deformation of the track. All these features are possible thanks to several data collected on the field”, affirms Alessandro Castrucci, Game Director @ Milestone. “In this particular gameplay video players will see the potential of the brand new title in development. We’re confident that MXGP will tickle the appetite of the fans keeping the elevate accessibility of the milestone titles”, concludes Castrucci.

It all comes down to the fight to the first position, be it through mud or making those amazing jumps to reach the stars. As more information develops, we shall be sure to share as it comes along. Stay frosty!

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