Tis the Season aStore Black Friday Video Game Deals


Tis the Season aStore Black Friday Video Game Deals

Happy Holidays everyone and welcome to this Kuma Kreations Entertainment aStore Black Friday Week special. This is for all those bargain bin video game shoppers out there, the ones that get my praise for being patient and waiting for the titles to be reasonably priced. As most of you know, here at KKEnt we have our amazon store which is where you can acquire such deals through this lovely website. I know what you are thinking, “I can just go through amazon.com.” This is indeed true, but going through my site to make purchases helps me in the long run where I get a percentage of your clicks. In that I can also acquire some lovely giveaways and of course fund this wonderful place you all enjoy. In that being said, let me be your guide to Black Friday Video Game deals!

It is now 2013 and shopping has become a lot easier for folks, especially those that do not want to deal with the hussle of crowds camping out for great deals. That is what the internet is for and since many of rather enjoy a lovely thanksgiving dinner instead of running out after a quick bite, just grab your smart phone and shop. Thankfully here we don’t just review games, we also give you the opportunity to purchase said game through our store and I would like to kick off the deals starting with Nintendo 3ds.

The Owners pack of Skylanders Giants will be on sale for $14.99. This is one of the most popular items out on the market and would be a great gift for that little gamer/collector in your family. The characters are very unique and bring a whole world of fun on the go. The owners pack for 3ds brings a Giant and the game for on the go use. Now the starter pack will feature two skylander figures and a giant with a portal, plus the game for $39.99

xmas reef

Accessory wise, you want the best headset for your gamer and these are made for both 3Ds, Nintendo WiiU and for regular mp3’s, just remove the mic. The TRITTON Kunai Stereo Headsets which come in stealth black, racecar red and snow white colors, which will be going for $39.99 from $49.99. They are comfortable and provide great sound for both gaming and music. It also provides a volume control and mute button. They are what I recommend for those that want great sound, but on a budget.

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Lets move on to our PC brothers and sisters with this BioShock Triple Pack Online Only Download. That is right you will be granted all three BioShock titles for the Black Friday price of $14.99. That is amazing, because the original price was $79.97.

Side Note: Check out my Bioshock Infinite Reivew

If you ever want to play all three titles on your mean machine, hop on this deal.


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That was just the cream, but now to fill you up with more PC goodness as I fire off all the deals at once. The next big item is Alice Madness Returns complete collection which will feature the first game and all the DLC for $7.49. Borderlands 2 and Borderlands Game of the Year Bundle pack download for $11.99, thats a great deal for you Vault hunters out there. The Mirrors Edge Have Faith Bundle download only for $4.99. The first Person remake Syndicate going on for $4.99. The Classic Rockstar Games Bundle that will feature Midnight Club II, Bully, Manhunt 1 and 2 download only for $7.99. The GTA TRILOGY + GTA IV [Online Game Code] for $10.99 and Rockstar does not stop there, you can also get The Max Payne 3 + Season Pass [Online Game Code] for $6.99. Finally if you are an Xcom fan old and new, here is the ultimate collectors bundle for $9.99. You will be gifted with all six titles for that low price. I hope you have enough hard drive space for these goodies.

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Now this is specifically for both Assassin Creed fans and collectors. If you missed your chance to acquire the Black Flag Collector’s edition, well this week only you can obtain this treasure for $20.00 off the original price.



Now this deal is for both Ps3 and Xbox 360. This Limited Edition will contain.

  • Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Limited Edition contains the essential items for gamers to Unite under the Black Flag. Along with a copy of the game, customers will receive:

Only for this week though, so I would jump on that right away.


xmas reef

This is made for the true Saints Row Fan out there, because I am just floored by this Saints Row IV – Game of the Generation Edition for both Ps3 and Xbox 360. This went for $129.99, but for this week only, it can be yours for $99.99 and just in time for the Xmas DLC. If you have not scene or played Saints Row IV yet, here is my review below.

Saints Row IV: http://www.kumakreations.com/reviews/kumas-review-of-saints-row-iv/

It is a fun game and would be great in your sandbox collection.


xmas reef

That is just to name a few items too look up in our aStore, but I do hope you enjoy your holiday week and please remember to be safe out there if you do plan to shop. I also want you to check back for more deals as they come about, because remember there is also cyber Monday to consider. Stay frosty shopping warriors.

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The first thing we worry about when faced with a decision is going into something we love and failing. That is the only reason I jumped in the first place after being given the opportunity by my mentor to be great. Kuma Kreations Entertainment is the idea of what I always wanted to do for the gamer, geek, and nerd community. I am glad I took that leap and I am happy to see the activity from my fellow admins, writers and you the readers. Thank you for stopping by. Stay frosty!

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