Defend The North Registration Who Wants To Go? (NYC FGC Major Tournament)


Defend The North Registration Who Wants To Go? (NYC FGC Major Tournament)

Not too long ago I was invited to this major event and for those of you that want to get in on this tournament that will be taking place in January should register right now. The FGC has grown a lot since the beginning of fighting games and it is a deep competitive circuit with a lot of healthy competition and crazy moments that will make any fan praise the arena. This tournament is going to be badass and this is the reason why.

video provided by TeamPIEnyc

The titles that will be featured:

I am debating on participating in the DOA 5 Ultimate bracket and maybe Guilty Gear, but been training Bruce a.k.a Bdynamite on SSFIV AE and his Gief is pretty solid, so we shall see whats going to happen in the coming months. There is a $30 door entrance and if you want to participate in any of the games listed above that will we a $10 entry fee for each, but more detailed registration information will be in the links below.

DFN Registration:

Check you all when the battle begins in 2014. Stay frosty fighters!


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