Need for Speed Rivals Review


Need for Speed Rivals Review

What else you need to know?

The competition heats up as you take on either racers or police in Need for Speed Rivals which is available on the Ps3, Ps4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Ever since the creation of Autolog, Need for Speed has kicked up the competitive racing world to a whole new level and with the new Need for Speed Network app formally known as the Companion App. There is no real difference between the two, but once Rivals came out, the app switched over from Most Wanted and that means you can no longer see your stats. That is pretty silly in my opinion, because I know a few people that are still playing, but hey that’s how it goes.

A world ruled by your steering.

The whole game is online this time around and that saves you time from switching between online and offline. It is a competitive world out there and whatever side you pick, will grant you the vehicles you need to dominate the Rivals world. If you are one that would be annoyed by other racers getting in your way of accomplishing your goals in game, then that might cause you some rage during your venture. However, if you take to the streets like you made them yourself, you will have no problems handling your car like a streamline butterfly.

Event Modes for Racers:

  • Time Trials
  • Interceptor
  • Racing

Event Modes for Cops:

  • Rapid Response
  • Pursuit

The incentive of accomplish these missions and other side missions are the speed points you acquire. As a racer these are very important and can be taken away if you are busted by cops. If you are a cop chasing after an online player who has accumulated a huge amount of speed points, it is in your best interest to confiscate them for your own well being. On the racers side, it is in your best interest to hightail it back to your hide out and bank your points, but if you can get near a hideout, at least keep your car in healthy condition. This will also replenish your ammo for the weapons that you have chosen.


I would of thought that the developers would of given custom options to both sides instead of one. The police cars are not that much of challenge even when I was just a level two dealing with an online racer who is a level 10 that could not keep up with me. I am good, but I am not going to give myself that much credit to a higher level. The more missions you accomplish the more things you unlock, but in the end everyone will have the same customization options. It is pretty linear, all you need is the right amount of speed points to purchase each item. The cop classes are very limited to which pursuit tech you want to use and what kind of custom license plate you want on your car. The racers will have the chance to change the outer look and internal feel. Nice custom decals and colors to choose from and of course your performance tune options for mostly durability and speed.

The bad.

The game goes on as long as the host is still playing, but if you are in the middle of something, it will disconnect until it migrates to a new host. This causes problems because some have reported that their in game speed points did disappear when the game came back online. I have not ran into the problem, but I thought I would give the heads up either way. No customization with the cop cars is a big issue with me and they need to add that feature to give racers a bit of a better chase factor. The radar seems to be a bit clunky when it comes to be chases by the cops since they tend to vanish off the sensor.

This is a fun arcade racer and as for my verdict goes, I will stay at 3.5 out of 5. Need for Speed Rivals is still a fun title, but at $59.99, I am not going to say it is worth that price. However, if you hit up BlackFriday it will be $39.99 for one day only. I am enjoying it for the most part, but it is not their strongest title of the series. I do hope you’ve enjoyed this review and please check back for more reviews. Stay frosty!

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