Dragon Ball Z Battle for Z Preview Update and Special Edition Information


Dragon Ball Z Battle for Z Preview Update and Special Edition Information

This is going to be the biggest Dragon Ball Z game since Dragon Ball Z The Legend – Saiyan Saga Battle on the PS1. Let me rephrase, because this will be the biggest multi-player tactical fighter since DBZ Saiyan Saga. I am glad that they are bringing back the tactical fighter where you can play up to 8 players or 4 vs. 4 in which you will have to think like a team to tactical on enemies. It is so exciting to see how this is actually going to play out and the only time this was done properly as a two player game was on Saiyan Saga, but now we have better graphics and crazy action involved. Check out the latest exciting trailer giving you what you need in a DBZ game.

At this point and time I would like to present to you the pre-order bonus information which is only for the UK at the moment, but thankfully no region code for the Ps3 users. The picture below will give you a great look at what you will acquire and you can hit up Play-asia.com for additional information as it develops.


The added edition of the battle of the Gods movie is great addition, but you will have to wait till next year to get your hands on this title. If you are interested, you can head over to the aStore to pre-order your copy now and I hope to see you on the battlefield. I hope you check back for additional information as it develops before its 2014 release. Stay frosty Z Fighters!

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