Throwback Thursday Proudly Presents Soul Calibur II HD Arriving Soon


Throwback Thursday Proudly Presents Soul Calibur II HD Arriving Soon



When I woke up this morning ready to get my breakfast on with the pancakes and the bacon, I did not expect a message popping up in my e-mail telling me about the return of Soul Calibur II HD coming to PSN and XBLA. I mean I literally still have my copy for the original Xbox One that featured Spawn , because back when it came out the Gamecube had Link, Ps2 had Heihachi and Xbox had Spawn. It was the best of all three platforms and all the characters fit well in the Soul Calibur series, but now we can have that joy again with this HD Remix and that’s perfect for throwback Thursday. The preview below will show off Nightmare fighting Ivy and after that there will be additional information for you to enjoy.

This title was announced in August and more information has surfaced about this come back fighter. The best of both worlds come together with Heihachi and Spawn being able to be in one game, but sadly for you Nintendo fans, no go for link showing up for obvious reasons. I know many of you are a bit peeved by that knowledge, but Nintendo will not be letting go that gem to even battle on another platform. Either way, I enjoyed this sequel so much that I still have my original copy on the Xbox.


There is a certain joy when it comes to seeing your favorite game make an HD come back. This remix will be fully loaded with online play and that is amazing since this game would have been great online from the get go, but the world wide release will be coming soon which I believe is on the 19th, but if you are on the EU side, you can pre-order now for a discount. Check out more information on the facebook page @namcobandaigames/fb. I hope to see you all on the battlefield real soon. Stay frosty gamers!

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