Extra Life 2013 Hosted by Kuma Kreations Entertainment on

This is finally happening. At midnight Tonight we kick this off to raise money for the Children. You can watch it here or on the main page where you can interact with all us participating in this event.

Watch live video from KumaKreations on

All donations can be accepted here @ Elite Gamer Nation Extra life

Thanks for the support for those that have donated and enjoy the show come midnight!

Kuma Baity

The first thing we worry about when faced with a decision is going into something we love and failing. That is the only reason I jumped in the first place after being given the opportunity by my mentor to be great. Kuma Kreations Entertainment is the idea of what I always wanted to do for the gamer, geek, and nerd community. I am glad I took that leap and I am happy to see the activity from my fellow admins, writers and you the readers. Thank you for stopping by. Stay frosty!

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