Review of Girl Fight


Review of Girl Fight

The moment has come for a new fighter to emerge, but is it the right game we were looking forward too? This particular title coming from Kung Fu Factory features an all-female cast is a very harsh situation, which is now available in the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Arcade. Here is the thing and I will be honest with you right now that Girl Fight has only one quality that I am enjoying and that was the effort of a decent fighting mechanics, but everything else kind of plummets for me. This is the first time I am stumped on how to write a review on a title such as this, but here we go anyway.

I guess we can start with the background story which is so cliché that you will name a few games and many animes that have done the same concept. There is this shadow corporation called “THE FOUNDATION” going around the world “collecting” females to be trained as deadly assassins (M. Bison anyone?). They proceed by training these young ladies in the art of deadly combat by sticking them into a virtual world using their new abilities. They call this system “THE MAINFRAME” and pretty much go through a battle of virtual death to see who the better subject for their cause is. These ladies have the chance to win their freedom if they can utilize their fighting and psionic abilities in an all-out battle for survival. It is not the deepest story, but I will roll with it for now.

The thing about many games that sales me is the game-play and the story, not so much the graphics, because as we all know graphics really do not make a great game. I went into Girl Fight with an open mind and started to enjoy the fight mechanics, which resemble a low level version of Dead or Alive with a simple counter systems, if hit in the proper area you can do a devastating counter to your opponent. The combos are slightly complex, but easy to master and you have a grapple that only goes in two directions. Where things get slightly interesting is the psionic abilities you choose before a match. There will be two open slots and you scroll through each power from Health Leech to Flame abilities, even a cute heart break ability. The yellow meter you built up will determine the recharge of your abilities, but do not expect the fight to last for too long. I have an example of one of my fights below.

Now there is not much else to say on that note, but what killed it for me is when you finally get into the fight and hear the ladies speak…they just moan and slightly grunt, but in that hentai way. I literally felt like I was at a cosplay fetish party with just ladies fighting each other. I don’t know what voice actors they were using for the girls, but it didn’t feel natural at all. I am sorry, but there is potential in this title and they should have given the girls more attitudes to really sell their theme. That really drops the reasoning behind this game and it is not hard to sell the fact that they are being held captive. There is no energy to really thrive to give these females freedom that they deserve, or hell throw in a psycho chick that was too corrupted and is enjoying the concept.

Everything else visually is fine and even has the hilarious touch of boob physics that they made sure was on point. There are other things that bothered me, but what they truly failed at is the marketing, because many people forgot that it even existed or maybe they forgot on purpose, I don’t know. However below is what I was sent as a marketing pitch about the game…

“Plenty of Sexy Fighters, Loads of Combos, Doezens of PlayStyles! Like it Rough? Prove you’re on top when you take your battle online. Master Psi-Amps to get more girl on girl action! Skilled Cat fighters unlock mind-blowing new ensembles!”

Mind blowing ensembles…eh well I played many other fighters of this nature, but in my final verdict which this game goes for $9.99, I am going to have to give it a pass. It tickled my interest and no I am not trying to be dirty, but there are many other reasonably priced fighters out there for you to enjoy and if you want that sexy fix of females throwing down there is always Dead or Alive, Skull Girls, and in some ways Sou Calibur. They all have what you want with hot outfits and boob physics; granted they are slightly pricier, but it is the quality that you will enjoy the most. I gave it a shot and was not impressed at all and I hope Kung Fu Factory amps it up a bit if they get a chance next time, because I see something great out of an all-female fighter. If this was your prototype test, well take what people felt and grow from it.

If you are still curious, there is a demo for you to take a gander at if you still want to test it out yourself. Stay frosty gamers!

Developer: Kung Fu Factory
Genre: Fighting
Platforms: PSN and XBLA
Price: $9.99
KKEnt’s Verdict: 2 out of 5

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