Perk Up: The Ten WORST Perks in Call of Duty History


Perk Up: The Ten WORST Perks in Call of Duty History

Call Of Duty can be a tough game. Pick the wrong weapon or choose the wrong perk and you could find yourself at a massive disadvantage. That being said, we’ve compiled a list of the ten WORST perks in the history of the popular franchise.

  1. Martyrdom – COD 4: Modern Warfare

How does this work exactly? Everyone runs around with grenades that have pins that magically fall out when they die?  It was unrealistic, annoying and it slowed game play.

  1. BlastShieldBlast Shield – Modern Warfare 3

Was amped up to be something of a mash-up between Treyarch’s Tactical Mask and Flak Jacket in Black Ops.  In reality, it fell short of both and was nothing more than an incredibly useless disappointment.

  1. DangerCloseDanger Close – Modern Warfare 2

Notice, we didn’t say Sonic Boom.  At least it was countered by Flak Jacket.  Danger Close simply enhanced another broken mechanic.

  1. ShadesShades – World at War

Seriously? It gave your character sunglasses to ease the glare of an already dim flare. Why, developers… Why?

  1. Scrambler – Modern Warfare 2

It was an awesome idea, until you really thought about it.  It revealed your presence more than it hid your location. FAIL!

  1. OneManArmyOne Man Army – Modern Warfare 2

Sure, there were plenty of good intentions when coming up with this perk, however, it was taken advantage of, and is now solely responsible for the most annoying tactic used in any FPS ever!

  1. JuggernautJuggernaut – World at War

Is your gun game really so bad that you need to equip extra armor in order to kill before you get killed?  Come on, Man-Up, soldier!

  1. CommandoCommando – Modern Warfare 2

Because the knife lunge alone wasn’t enough?  Let’s be honest, this perk may be solely responsible for more rage quits and broken gaming equipment than any other perk in the history of gaming.

  1. EavesdropEavesdrop – COD 4: Modern Warfare

Quick Question, does anybody honestly care what the enemy team has to say? No? I didn’t think so. Completely Useless!

  1. LastStandLast Stand – Modern Warfare 2

Nothing is more frustrating than realizing that perfectly executed headshot didn’t result in a kill.  Its even more irritating and annoying when you die and find out it’s by the pistol at the hands of that invincible prick that you just shot in the face.  It’s unrealistic and the invincibility frames were outrageous!


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