Perk Up: The Ten BEST Perks in Call of Duty History


Perk Up: The Ten BEST Perks in Call of Duty History

Call Of Duty can be a tough game. Pick the wrong weapon or choose the wrong perk and you could find yourself at a massive disadvantage. That being said, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best perks in the history of the popular franchise…

  1. MarkmanProMarksman Pro- Modern Warfare 3Marksman identifies enemy targets at a longer range by showing their player names at a greater distance. The Pro version allows for longer hold breath period, doubling the player’s hold breath time from 4 seconds to 8 seconds


  1. LightweightProLightweight Pro – Modern Warfare 2When upgraded to Pro, which requires a prerequisite of sprinting 30 miles with the perk equipped, users are able to fire their weapons faster after sprinting. It cuts the time between sprinting and firing in half.


  1. TacticalMaskProTactical Mask Pro – Black OpsTactical Mask renders the player immune to the effects of Nova Gas. Its Pro version reduces the effects of Flashbangs and Concussion Grenades on the player by 90%
  1. HardlineProHardline Pro – Modern Warfare 3The Pro version has two effects; it reduces the number of deaths required for a deathstreak by 1, and it also adds 1 point to a user’s point streak for every 2 assists earned.
  1. FlakJacketProFlak Jacket Pro – Black OpsFlak Jacket Pro reduces all fire damage to 5% of its original damage. As an added effect, any thrown grenade picked up by the player will have its fuse reset to 2.5 seconds
  1. AssassinProAssassin Pro – Modern Warfare 3The perk provides its user with general invisibility to UAV Recon, Advanced UAV, Portable Radar, Thermal Scopes, and Heartbeat Sensors. Assassin Pro not only renders the player immune to Counter-UAVs, EMPs and MOABs (meaning one’s radar is not jammed nor does a user suffer from electronics failure) but also prevents an enemy aiming at the player from being shown a red crosshair and the player’s name (which directly makes Marksman useless against the player).
  1. ReconProRecon Pro – Modern Warfare 3The perk causes explosive damage (Flash, Stun, and EMP Grenade included) to paint the target on the mini-map. It shows the target as a red arrow on the mini-map, showing the direction the enemy is facing in real-time. The Pro version causes bullet damage to paint the target as well.
  1. SlightofHandProSlight of Hand – Modern Warfare 2Sleight of Hand drastically reduces the time spent reloading. The Pro version halves the time needed to aim down the sights
  1. MarathonProMarathon Pro – Modern Warfare 2Marathon gives the user an infinite sprint duration. The Pro version allows players to climb ladders and obstacles faster, making it useful if players are constantly being ambushed while climbing them. This also makes “Running Away” a lot easier if the player is out of ammo or outgunned.
  1. StoppingPowerProStopping Power Pro – Modern Warfare 2Stopping Power increases your weapon’s damage by 40%. The Pro version gives the user increased damage against enemy killstreak vehicles, such as Harriers. 

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