Kimchee X Previews Alien Rage


Kimchee X Previews Alien Rage

Good Evening ladies and gentlemen,

KimChee X here to give you a pre release preview of “Alien Rage.” This is a Sci – Fi FPS and you know what that means, you get to shoot a shitload of aliens, booya. It will have some really awesome graphics working on the Unreal Engine 3. This game is run for your life, shoot everything in sight kind of game, sounds like my kind of game.

It features 14 levels, 10 unique weapons thats has two unique firing options, which will be needed if you want to survive this onslaught of Alien Rage, did you see what I did there. The game will have eight, count them EIGHT, destructive bosses. You know what that means right, you have to keep shooting them until they die, HA.

This game is gonna be insane, hopefully the multiplayer gameplay will be off the hook too.

The game will come out on Xbox Live, Playstation Network and PC worldwide tomorrow Sept. 24th.

Hope to see you on the battlefield.

KimChee X

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