Latest News on The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Thaumaturge DLC

Welcome Demon Hunters to this new preview post of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Thaumaturge DLC. This title has been out for a few months now and if you are currently playing as I am, you are enjoying the vast world. The new DLC that will feature a new class to use during your hunting ventures will go towards the mage route. It is important to understand that evil is growing stronger and you need a stronger arsenal to deal with such vicious creatures. The video below will give you a detailed look on what to expect as you take on the mantle of Thaumaturge.

Oh Snap, that new mage class looks tough and here are some key features:

  • a new playable class (mage type, can be imported in the sequel)
  • a diverse array of new spells 
  • new, class-specific gear


If you are starting out as a new hunter, now you have the option of going all out magic. I myself am more of a melee class fighter and since Van Helsing has multi-player online features. This would be a great team up to have against the many adversaries as you venture in Borgovia. The new DLC will be released on September 26th for $3.99, so hit up the steam store when it drops.

I thank you for your time and hope to see you on the battlefield and if you want more of an inside look, please head on over to NeocorGames pass stream of the gameplay below. Stay frosty gamers!

Watch live video from NeocoreGames on TwitchTV

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