Kuma’s Review of Grand Theft Auto V


Kuma’s Review of Grand Theft Auto V

There are a few other features I did not mention in my video review. The characters that you will be using will have their own special abilities in there meter, for example Trevor will have a rage mode once you click in both analog sticks at the same time. Franklin can slow down time while driving and Michael has the same ability, but when it comes to shooting enemies. This comes in handy with many of the missions since you will have to switch between characters and the time slow ability is great when dealing with cop activity. The police of Los Santos are very ruthless and are more skilled than any other GTA title that you have encounter. I would suggest knowing your area and be creative with your escape; I mean it is an open world after all, so don’t be shy in taking a chance.

The customization is very pricey in Grand Theft Auto 5 to the extent of almost real world prices when it comes to fixing up your vehicle and enhancing it. That is not too much of an issue, just makes you very picky on the vehicles you want to beef up and might I add you can now purchase properties again. That was one thing missing in GTA IV that a lot of fans were hoping to return and now you have your wish.

In GTA series the content has always been over the top, because you are playing as a criminal. That is a no due, but GTA V will feature some graphic scenarios, especially full on nudity in the strip clubs and some softcore sexual situations. In that I warn those parents going out buying their kids under the age of 14 this title, because I had a parent that came in about to purchase this title for their seven year old and I don’t believe they understood the nature of the content in said game.

In game hours I am clocked at 11, but already been playing for three days since its release and this is the first time I am glued to a sandbox title. This is pretty much my favorite of the GTA series since Vice City and I appreciate all the work that Rockstar as put into it, so in that being said great job. I am looking forward to reviewing the Multi-player aspect, which is a big anticipation. From what I have seen, you will take on your own character that you have created in a separate story mode for the online itself, which Rockstar seems to be playing a bit on the MMO, just a tad. That would be interesting if a GTA MMO was in the works for the near future; the possibilities of game-play modes and stories would be endless.

I hope you enjoyed and please pick up your copy right now for both Ps3 and Xbox360. Stay frosty gamers!

Developers: RockStar North
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Platforms: Ps3, Xbox 360
Released: September 17th
Genre: Action-Adventure
Rated: M for Mature
Kuma’s Rating: 5 out of 5

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