Kasi Cors Review of Man Of Steel

There have been many adaptations of the infamous Superman. Clark Kent has invaded theaters everywhere this weekend with the newest adaptation. Zack Snyder is the man responsible for this movie. Big studios such as Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures were also a part of this movie. Opening weekend Man Of Steel racked in $128.7 Million. Needless to say, this movie was very disappointing.

Krypton a planet very far away was under destruction. Superman’s parents had no choice but to send him to a different planet in hopes he will become something great. They shipped their son off to Earth where a farming couple found him. His new parents instilled morals in him. They made sure to teach him to become a hero. At an early age he started having these super human abilities which upon maturity he vowed to use to help humans.

Let’s start off with the good points of this movie. The man who played Superman, Henry Cavill, did an alright job. He was a heartthrob. He made you liked him with his nice smile. He was an easy all American man anyone would love. Diane Lane did a great job as Martha Kent, Clark’s mother. Her acting was very believable; viewers will find themselves sympathizing with her character. Clark’s parents were the guiding hand he needed throughout the film. Regardless of him wanting to find his real parents, Clark’s human parents definitely guided him throughout the film. He based all of his decisions on the morals they instilled in him.

There were several bad points to this film. The blatant disrespect of this comic hero was evident. Henry Cavill was handsome, yes, but that does not make up for the lack of effort from producer Christopher Nolan or director Zack Snyder. There is no way viewers will be content with seeing a good looking man on screen for two hours and think that makes up for the movie dropping the ball. They took a great superhero story and ruined it. Let’s start off here. The acting was not great. Kevin Costner, the man who played Clark Kent’s human father, was awful. Kevin Costner has made some pretty great movies. He has brought fans to tears; unfortunately this wasn’t his best film.

The music was roughly put together. It was edited horribly for each scene. The music wasn’t the only thing horribly edited. At one point the screen went white for a few seconds. They would also cut to random parts of the city, where scared citizens were running for their life from the evil General Zod.

There have been plenty of movies where you see Apple products shoved in your face on screen. Some movies are more respectable about product placement. In that case, you won’t have a name brand camera or phone name clearly placed in front of the camera. Some other movies, such as this movie, will make sure you know who is their partner for this film. There were close ups of Nokia, Sears, Ihop, and Nikon. At one point where you were supposed to be focusing on the overly dramatic fighting you noticed yourself looking at a Sears logo.

The lines in this movie were very badly written. Melodramatic lines filled the movie from the start. That wouldn’t be the worst part of the movie. Movie goers can get over melodramatic lines. It just didn’t help the movie what so ever. If anything it added to the disrespect. Faora states to Superman: “You have a sense of morality and we do not. And that gives us an Evolutionary Advantage. And if there’s one thing that History teaches us it’s that Evolution always wins.” There was an unnecessary dramatic pause between these lines.

The storyline was also told incorrectly. Everything was out of order. They would flashback at random moments to show you Clark Kent’s life as a child growing. At one point you find yourself questioning the reason behind General Zod’s attacks. The story wasn’t told properly even if things were changed for the film. The whole movie seemed rushed. Not only was the storyline rushed but the special effects were overly done. There was a scene where one of General Zod’s men knocked Superman down and as soon as he was on the floor Superman was a CGI nightmare. Could Henry Cavill not lie on the floor pretending to be hurt? Did they really have to make that scene CGI?

Amy Adams played Lois Lane. She did a fine job. Her acting wasn’t terrible. Not many fans can see her as Lois Lane unfortunately. This goes back to bad editing and bad directing. At one point, General Zod and Superman were fighting in what seemed to be a library. One moment Lois wasn’t there. She was somewhere in a recently destructed part of town. The next moment, as soon as Superman broke General Zod’s neck she was walking down the library stairs to comfort Superman. That was one of the many scenes that did not make sense. It was very clear that Amy Adams was wearing a corset. If it was not a corset it was something to make her waist smaller. Maybe it was duct tape. The point is why couldn’t she have been able to use her natural curves?

Viewers can see this clearly when Lois is called into her boss’s office to talk about her leaking the story she experienced with Superman to an online reporter. It’s one thing to want to define her curves but they made it absolutely clear that she was wearing something under each outfit. Lois is supposed to be a strong writer. She has held her own in the boys club so why the need for the corset? Amy Adams is a beautiful woman; she could’ve excelled at playing that role without that extra nonsense.

Zack Snyder tried. The problem was they thought they could put a handsome guy on screen for two hours and call that a movie. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s another disappointing Superman movie. Is there anyone that can get this correctly? This movie gets a 1 ½ out of 5 stars.

Director: Zack Snyder
Producer: Christopher Nolan
Story by: Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer
Originally Written by: Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Studio: Syncopy, Legendary Pictures, DC Entertainment
Distribution: Warner Bros. Pictures
Kasi’s Rating: 1 and half out of 5

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