Shared Thoughts on that Grand Theft Auto V Multi-player Reveal Video

Oh my glob, did you see that world premiere video of Grand theft Auto V? That blew my freaking mind how epic the world looks and mixed with major multi-player improvements. Now I have been a Rockstar player for many years and I mean years, because they perfected the art of being a badass in video games. Either by being a cop seeking revenge, a criminal trying to make a living or a street racer getting his name out there across the globe. This time around Rockstar is coming out with this heavy title that will bring all gamers together into some serious and hilarious situations. If you have missed the trailer reveal, do not worry gamers; we here at Kuma Kreations got your back.

I am just floored by it GTA being more than just team deathmatch and racing. We will get a chance to go beyond the main story with our own custom characters, which builds up the replay value even more. I mean could this lead to a future MMO version of GTA or is Kuma just fishing a bit to far? Either way I ask a fan what they thought of the reveal trailer and this is what they had to say.

Dontay Thomas A.k.A GLP:

“Base on the history with Rockstar and the multiplayer aspects in there, this is not a surprise for them to go all out with this game. I mean, they did every single (positive features from their previous games, and cook them into this big pot of awesome stow, lol.
Personally, it feels like an entirely new game, and this is just the multiplayer (Again, not surprised since this is rockstar).

I am looking forward to battling or teaming up with many of you this fall and if you have not pre-ordered your copy, please head on over to our amazon store to do so now. You can even pick up the Ps3 Exclusive bundle with GTA V for $299 on amazon. As a reminder all proceeds if you shop at our store will be donated to Extra Life fundraiser, where Elite Gamer Nation team will be streaming for 25 hours to raise money for the kids in November. I thank you all for checking out this preview and our thoughts, but before you go share your thoughts in the comments area. I would enjoy interacting with you all. Stay frosty!

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