Review of Marvel Heroes


Review of Marvel Heroes

Happy Monday true believers and welcome to this emergency call where we are asking you to take up arms against the biggest threat known to Marvel Universe. It is up to you to pick your hero and take on their abilities to save the world from the threat of Doom, as well as other adversaries. Pretty much the world has gone upside down and we have to clean up the mess by gathering all forces be it X-men, Avengers, New Mutants and even Squirrel Girl…do not under estimate the power of a squirrel. I hope you enjoy this review of Marvel Heroes the new free to play Massive Multi-player Online from Gazillion Entertainment.


All right enough with the theatrical introduction and let’s get into the nitty gritty of this review. The tesseract is now in the hands of Dr. Doom and as some of you comic book fans that know the lore. This is a band item to be handling by a villain of his stature; it is such a bad idea that the supreme being of the Watcher has broken his vow to stop Doom. For those of you that don’t know; the “Watchers” are just meant to do what their name states. They keep a log of the entire universe of events that have happen and not to ever interfere, but that all changed with Doom. The problem is the Watcher was too confident in his abilities and Doom was already determined by enemies to rule with this new power. In the end the Watcher got a cosmic pimp smack and now Doom holds the key to over powering all. At this point you would just wet yourself and cuddle up with your Hulk plush toy.

I started off my adventure as the ever loving blue eyed Thing, also known as Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four. There are over 22 characters to choose from, but I related more to the “THING” because we’re both mooks from Brooklyn, had to deal with the tough streets and even though I didn’t go all huge because of cosmic rays, I did become a bigger badass, but with a price. At first I was a bit skeptical when finding out that you will not be able to make your own hero, however after a playing for over six hours, I was hooked. It plays like a sequel to Marvel Ultimate alliance, but on a bigger scale. Marvel Heroes features full length motion comic cut-scenes with famed voiced actors of Keith David as Nick Fury, Drake Bell as Spider-man, Kathryn Cressida as Elektra and Danielle Nicolete who plays storm. This also gives me that great Saturday morning cartoon feel, but I am in control. The best part is the character interactions with one another are hilarious and exciting for any comic book Marvel fan.


The combat is pretty linear with you dedicating certain powers to the right and left mouse click and then saving slots A through H on your keyboard for other powers as well as items. The missions that you will tackle are in chapters and you will be granted way-points to fast travel back to said area if you missed anything or need to sell some stuff at the main base. Each area will deal with some low level enemies, but in swarms they become deadly adversaries or annoyances. However, this is the best way to farm to level up fast and you will level up a lot. As of now I am concentrating mostly on The Things brawler skill tree, while also putting some skill points in his defenses. In the video below, I am on a solo mission because the team I partied with seemed a bit intimidated to take on the Juggernaut. That is right Kuma took on old Juggy by himself and laid the smack down on his Mutant hating butt. That is right this is based on the old Juggernaut who is not a mutant, but got his powers from a magical crystal. Either way Xavier came in at the right time when the helmet came off to enter his mind and stopped the unstoppable. Oh yes I wiped a lot of sweat off my brow in that fight.

Even though this is a free to play MMO, you will have to purchase the other heroes or get lucky and wait for a drop to happen from enemies to unlock them all. In terms of item drops, you will get your fair share of pieces that will enhance the character you are using or you will be granted costume pieces for other heroes. The problem is they are random drops, so sell the ones that don’t matter to you. I am sticking to the big super strong heroes, so I am keeping pieces for Hulk and for pieces when Luke Cage is released. I mentioned costumes that will make your character unique and they go by an in game currency system. The Thing’s black costume cost 450 credits, but 500 credits are 5 dollars and that should give you an idea if you ever played on Xbox 360. The bad part is that the costume or skins will take up space in your inventory, so either sell it or store it somewhere for later use. There is also crafting involved, but talking to Hank Pym seems to have caused a mission glitched, because after I did the crafting mission required; it is still stuck on that. I blame Ant-Man until the glitch is fixed or until I figure out what I needed to do.

The PVP arena is still under construction as of right now, so I will leave it out of my review until they have re-instated it.


The down side is that you will run into many clones of heroes, but the variety of costumes used and the abilities tree makes you stand out in the clone wars. (See what I did there?) I like seeing what each hero can do and so far I am satisfied with my choice of the Thing and teaming up with the Hulk that one time to take down the a legion of Sentinels was a fandom dream. Another down side is the fact that I have done most of the main missions by myself with no real help. That pretty much takes away the challenge of the game, but as I ran into one boss fight against The Hood, I realized that a hero of Daredevils caliber needed some muscle to last long in the fight. This fun fact of me being a super strong hero makes the game fantastic to enjoy, because I have to use my wits and super strength to survive any adversary. A hero like the Punisher had to run away from Sentinels, while I watched his escape by blocking that big robots path and taking it down in the process.


In the end as a campaign goes, I am having a lot of fun and surprisingly hits all the great aspects of playing an MMO comic book game. It would of been better to make your own super-hero in the Marvel Universe, but I can see why the simplicity works best. The battles that you learn from in this game is one step closer to being a supreme bada** and it felt good to go toe to toe with the King Pin. The last thing I feel that is a downer is the price point to unlock everything at $199.99, yea that is a steep price point. However with great patience and the power of a gamer you can unlock all characters through battles and wishful drops. I say go download this game and I hope to see you on the battlefield, but right now Nick Fury is hitting up because Stryker and Modock are plotting and I have to head into Stryker’s compound to thwart their plans. I hope you enjoyed this review of Marvel Heroes which is out now to download. Stay frosty true believers’!

Developer: Gazillion Entertainment
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Genre: Massive Multi-player Online, Action Role-playing
Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Kuma Kreations Rating: 3 out of 5

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