Top Ten Female Video Game Characters

Video games have offered us many strong, independent female roles throughout their history. They are no longer helpless babes in need of saving; some of these females have turned into saviors or even great villains. We’ve acquired a list of the sexiest, most likeable – based on their intelligence, personality, accomplishments – well, technically we just made a list of the hottest ones, I’m sure that’ll be ok with you! Check out the Top 10 Sexiest Video Game Characters below:

10 – Cammy – Street Fighter


Nobody can rock the pigtails as hot as her.


09 – Christie Monteiro – Tekken


She is a capoeira fighter with perfect body.


08 – Ivy – Soul Calibur


A sword that turns into a whip, how kinky is that?


07 – Faith — Mirror’s Edge


Running around and jumping off rooftops while using her fist to do the talking


06 – Kitana (Mortal Kombat Series)


She has 10,000 years of experience which will no doubt make her your worthy opponent in the sack. She must use excellent anti-wrinkle cream as she still appears to be in her mid-twenties, despite her age.


05 – Rayne – Blood Rayne


Killing enemies by straddling and sucking their blood. What more?


04 – Rikku – Final Fantasy


The protagonist of Final Fantasy X and X-2, Rikku keeps increasing her oomph factor in each series. Even her outfits get shorter and smaller revealing her well endowed body.


03 – Nina Williams – Tekken


Killing enemies with high heels with her bra busting out is always a good thing.


02 – Chun Li – Street Fighter


With endless strong lightning kicks makes her very hot.


01 – Lara Croft – Tomb Raider


One of the first female video game characters. And she was portrayed by Angelina Jolie in the movie.

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