Preview of F.E.A.R Online


Preview of F.E.A.R Online

Good Day everyone, KimCheeX here again to give you a preview of F.E.A.R.: Online. My first thoughts on this game was that they were going to re release the first game, but upon further investigation I found out that was not the case. The game would focus on online play rather than a single player game with multi-player capabilities.

When the first F.E.A.R. game came out I had the privilege to play it. I was surprised at how well it looked and how creepy the environment was. The controls were fairly simple to get used, I played the game on a PC, and being a fan of FPS, the controls were easy to get used to.

When I dug deeper as to what this game is about I found out that the game was an extension to F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin’s multi-player game. I am all for any multi-play for FPS, but since I have not played the 2nd game I am a bit excited to see how well the game play will work out. As I like a good horror game, but also being too much of a chicken to fully play through a good horror game, I will probably be able to play a few times before getting really scared to continue. And who can argue a free to play FPS. I am excited and probably be one of the many people downloading this game to try out.

It seems like this game will focus a lot on team play, having the usual Death Match as a team and a search and destroy mode. Aeria Games and Entertainment seemed to have tweaked the game-play which hopefully will not ruin the game-play much. Too many companies have tried to change a good thing only to make the game worse and to return to the old ways.

I am anticipating a great multi-play experience and if it is disappointing you guys will hear it from me.

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