Top Ten Tuesday’s: Top Ten Moments in Gaming


Top Ten Tuesday’s: Top Ten Moments in Gaming

As gamers we have those particular moments that make us go, “WOW THAT WAS AWESOME!” and there have many moments that just made us all go, “Damn that was harsh…” In honor of the name of this post, we here at Kuma Kreations Entertainment want to share with you our favorite top ten moments in gaming. There will be a mixture of spectacular moments and of course moments that might have made your feelings go south. This list will be a mixture of both current and past games; I do hope you all enjoy the list.


Start off with number Ten with Call of Duty: Black Ops II. I know many of you have had some impressive videos showing off some skilled kills, but my homie Siene showed me a while ago some damn good tomahawk kills. This lady is considered my “Snake Eyes” of the Call of Duty world, because she never has a mic and always stays on top of the boards. In the video below you will see why.


9. I have to go with the intro to the classic PSx title Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. If you have not played this title on either Dreamcast or PlayStation 1, then you have missed out on something great. However it is available in the PSN store for $9.99 or less. I chose this scene because when I was younger and first played this new title to the Kain series, it showed the true evil and jealousy of Kain when he discovered that one of his Soldiers went through an evolution. The horrible part of the video shows the true betrayal taken on Razeal as Kain ripped off his wings and then tossed him into the whirlpool…Oh yes pure water is deadly to Vampires and Razeal suffered a horrible fate. The video provided below is from SaintsRoowStrory/youtube.


8. I could not have this list without introducing a special little girl from Borderlands 2. That is right Tiny Tina and I personally did a video that shows off her best commentary and situations in the game. I mean this little girl caught the hearts of us all and they recently just came out with new dlc for this explosive expert. Just do not get on her bad side or you just might go boom!


7. In Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 during the great Ninja war, some of the old ninjas that were killed off in the series were resurrected and honestly this was a tough choice. I had a toss-up between the right with Choji and Asuma vs. Kakashi and Zabuza, but the coin went into favor of Kakashi vs. Zabuza. This fight went from present to past and I accidentally chose the right points to gain the challenges. Either way there were enjoyable sentimental scenes that made this my favorite choice for this top ten.


6. The year is 1991 and there is this title where racing motorcycles is just the beginning. Road Rash made by Electronic Arts was a new style of motorcycle racing where getting to the finish line could literally make you eat pavement. The crowning achievement of Road Rash was when being attacked by another racer with a weapon and attacking at the same time to take their weapon, which you proceed to use against them! However there is nothing like knocking them off the bike and running over them, which is hilarious. The introduction to the Ps1 version even rocked, but you know the deal drive responsibly.


5. This is an oldie, but it is still freaking amazing and cause many people to practice Street Fighter III: 3rd strike to enhance their ability to parry like Diago. In 2004 evo tournament using Ken vs. Chunli with not much life left made the biggest comeback that impressed the masses. I was at a lost for words with a full on parry comeback…I know that dude had to be salty after that.


4. Okay prior to my review of Deadpool where the gameplay really aggravated me, the game still was hilarious and I had to add this to the top ten. This random moment in Deadpool where you just slap the mess out of Wolverine for almost 3 minutes; it is useless, but well placed.

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3. This title which was taken over by Square Enix when the developers of True Crime went belly up, came out with Sleeping Dogs. This open world Hong Kong action game was a great experience with a compelling story-line and straight up amazing combat. In this part of the game where you have to go to a wedding, things get a bit out of control and become a bit bloody. Honestly I was really pissed that I ruined my nice White Suit and Wei Shen was particularly pissed about his criminal friend being murdered. It was a deep sentimental situation.


2. One of the best Need for Speed titles that was on Xbox, Ps2 and Xbox 360 in 2005 was the first Most Wanted. It had a great story and the use of live action characters that really made you emotional throughout the campaign. I picked this title as my number two, because of the screwed up situation that was done to you when you took on the #15 on the blacklist Razor. You get a phone call from Mia telling you that there is something wrong with your ride and boom you lose in the worst way possible.

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1. For my number one choice, I am going back to 1999 when the Dreamcast debut on 9.9.99 and that one particular game that made everyone excited to get the system. It was Sonic Adventure, this crowning moment when you make to the end boss fight against perfect Chaos and everyone in the city is chanting Sonic’s name while you channel the positive energy of the chaos emeralds to become Super Sonic. This game had one of the best soundtracks and one of the best ending boss fights that I felt was number one to me. This video came from Derfsonicgaming/youtube.

I thank you all for checking out our top ten choices for this Top Ten Tuesday. If you have your favorite moment in video games, please share with us in the comments below. This summer is still going strong and August will be a big month for gaming. I hope to see you all for next Tuesday’s Top Ten. Stay frosty gamers!

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