Pre-Order Preview and Walkthrough Video for Saints Row IV


Pre-Order Preview and Walkthrough Video for Saints Row IV

The Saints Row series has been what I felt the parody to all sandbox titles, by actually breaking the boundaries and giving players full customization and hilarious mission scenarios. I have been a fan since the beginning because it was a great change of pace from the Grant Theft Auto series. However it had a rough start until they came out with the second title that featured a multi-player mode and full co-op campaign. The developers also decided to learn from their mistake from the first title and kicked up the humor. Recently if you are a PlayStation Plus member, Saints Row the Third was given away for free and I have to say it was the best experience I ever had in any sandbox. It even had Burt Reynolds as the Mayor and that alone was worthy of my attention. Here I was thinking that they could not top part 3 with the great soundtrack, hilarious story-line and even the DLC was top notch, but I was wrong. The premiere of Saints Row IV has raised a lot of eyebrows, because now the game is going totally off the reservation. In this preview you will learn what to expect from the Saints and I hope you enjoy the nine minute walk-through video.

This time around you are the President and with all that power comes hilarious responsibility while having a great time. The problem is that an outer world threat has come to take down the land of the free, but they messed with the wrong Saints Crew! The aliens made another mistake by taking the saints into a simulated version of their world and that means nothing to our president, who has hacked the program to give him that “Matrix” edge. After playing the super powers DLC of Johnny Gat Clone, some of us were hoping to unlock those abilities fully and Violition has answered our prays. The funny part is that this will be a game where being the President is going to rock all of Steelport. Now I wonder if they will let your character transfer from part 3 to be used in Saints IV, so you will not have to go through all the process of making a new character. In part 3, Violition was all about customizing and sharing what you created with other players.

If that does not get your interest, I am happy to announce that you can pre-order the special Wub Wub edition that will feature these items:

  • What is the Simulation? – Bend the world to your will and harness an array of super powers including Mind-Bending Telekinesis, Really Really High Jump, Really Really Fast Sprint, Shiny Blue Force Shield, and Sparkly Purple Fireball Projectile-of-Doom.
  • Vehicular Manslaughter – Command a fleet of American made tanks, jets and attack choppers or hijack mechs, jet bikes and interstellar ships from an alien armada ? it?s all science, with just a little fiction
  • Streaker of the House – Be the leader you were born to be with Initiation Station 2.0. Save the world as anoverweight ninja cheerleader or as hulking brute in a three-piece suit with a penchant for pony tails
  • Friends with Benefits – Seamless drop-in, drop-out co-op, a Saints Row standard, improved. The only thing better than one malicious super-powered President is two.
  • Included – 12 inch Dub Step gun replica; 8 inch Johnny Gat Memorial Statue; pocket-sized Dubstep Doomsday Button; all in-game items from Commander in Chief pre-order bonus – Screaming Eagle VTOL, limited-edition ?Uncle Sam? uniform, and the ?Merica gun.

I would like to take your attention to Kuma Kreations Entertainment’s Amazon store where you can pre-order the wub wub edition for $99.99. If that is too fancy for you, just go for the standard edition for $59.99. Saints Row IV will be released for the PlayStation 3 PC for $49.99 and the Xbox 360 on August 20th in North America and August 23rd in the UK. I hope to see you in Steelport during co-op campaign. Stay frosty gamers.

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