Review of Deadpool…Bring Your Own Chimichanga


Review of Deadpool…Bring Your Own Chimichanga

The best way to start a “WTF Wednesday” is to play a game that makes you go, “What the f**k?” and with that being said it is time to begin this written portion of Deadpool. It is a game about a Merc who just wants the world to know how awesome he is, in a game of his own design. The problem I feel with the title is the fact that it literally feels as if they gave Deadpool full control instead of advising him through the process. I give them credit for making the game take on the personality of the fictional red menace, but come on High Moon. I think you fell too far into your own imagination.


I didn’t clarify everything in my video review, so I shall do so now. There are many upgrades in Deadpool that you will acquire as you go through your campaign by means of kills. There are tokens scattered all over the place, which gives the game an easy go round. The difficulty comes within the controls that cause rage as you try to utilize all of Wade’s skill. However you will be fighting more with the controls to really enjoy his quirky fighting style, which is pretty dull in certain aspects. It is not as fluid as it appeared many times in trailers and that includes linking your gun-play with your melee weaponry. After a while you do build up momentum when you chain combos and with fully developed weapons; you can perform special finishers. The dodge feature is your teleport with limited use, if they were going to do that they should have just made a regular dodge button when your meter runs out. I mean he is like a ninja and can evade pretty well.


I guess you can justify some of the problems of the game being the reason why Deadpool is ten dollars cheaper than your normal title, but honestly it should dropped another Ten bucks to make it reasonable. If you pre-ordered you will receive two costumes and some extra challenge maps, not really that much of an incentive, but it is for the fans.

In speaking of fan service, I do give them points for adding an all-star cast to back up the Merc, but the quality of the voice acting is intolerable. If it was possible to mute everyone else and just listen to Deadpool alone, I would just do that.


The final verdict of Deadpool is to just RENT it for the sure amusement of enjoying the antics of the character. I told many people that the game feels like a comic book that is drawn badly, but caters to great reading material. Is it enough to add to your collection? I say if you are a fan and enjoy games of this nature, then take it in as a fan service. However for those of you not a fan and just following the hype, I would be aware of purchasing this title, because you will be massively disappointed. Deadpool is out now for the PC, Ps3, and Xbox 360, but as I stated in my video review, wait for the price to drop. However if you can’t wait, please hit up our Amazon

Publisher: Activision
Developer: High Moon Studios
Players: 1
Platforms: PC, Ps3, Xbox360
HD Space: 2.2gb
Rated: M for Mature
Price: $49.99
Genre: Action game, Third-person shooter, Hack and slash
Kuma Kreations Ent. Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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