The X1 – Update: New Changes for the much Maligned Console


The X1 – Update: New Changes for the much Maligned Console

In an astonishing move, Microsoft has reverted its stance in regards to the X1. Details were released earlier today with the software kings stating “We have listened and we have heard loud and clear from your feedback that you want the best of both worlds.” Now the new next gen console is slated to have a host of features that their competitor had showcased, and made them the front-runner as the console to have.

The following changes have been announced for the X1:
A) Region free gaming
B) No 24 hr online check ins
C) No restrictions on games (i.e. games can be lent, rented, resold, and gifted)

What these changes mean are very simple. The gamers of the world have made their gripes be a point of attack against a very hostile position by Microsoft. They’ve also forced them to realize how much their hard earned money is a necessity for the system to thrive.
Deadpool Microsoft
Microsoft just had to listen to the gamers in the end!

Less than a year ago, Sony had announced the release of the PS4 but failed to provide even a mockup of the newfangled product. While several weeks prior to E3, Microsoft’s press release of the Xbox ONE (console and all) made Sony seemingly look like it was going to once again fall behind. Little did anyone know that E3 was the catalyst for gamers to gnash and gnarl at the software giant for their very uncharacteristic stance.This spring has turned out to be a hard month for Microsoft and the X1. Now that they’ve essentially been forced to switch their capabilities to a more gaming friendly position, the console wars are now being fought on solid, even ground.

There will be more to come on this story folks. But for now, keep those thumbs loose.

“Whole lotta shit talk about the new xbox not even a few days ago. Now everybody is in love with it and wants one cause the company bowed down and did what gamers bitched about. Give it about a year and watch how the PS and Xbox lovers start to cry about how the system they have is better. This shit is tantamount to a cock waving contest based on real expensive equipment that become obsolete the moment they announce another version that can make you bust a nut without you touching yourself.” – Surfjafo

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