Congrats to The Winners of TMNT: Out of The Shadows


Congrats to The Winners of TMNT: Out of The Shadows

First off I would like to congratulate Jaime Montanez, Robert J. Dean and Ned Fetterhoff for being out TMNT: Out of The Shadows contest winners. In that I felt that you three needed a bit more information about the title that you just won and what to expect when it finally releases this summer, however at this point and time there is no real official release date confirmed, but I thank you for being patient. I felt that more information was needed for the up-coming direct to download title that will feature our favorite green machine. The last preview trailer we are all waiting for in the Leonardo reveal, but for now I will show off the key features and a special Just Blaze soundtrack Donetello trailer.

The Turtle Facts:

  • Fast and Fluid Combat: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is accessible to newcomers but built to engage skilled players, rewarding high-chaining combo attacks and expertly-timed counterattacks. Experience earned from the battlefield can unlock special combat abilities and weapon upgrades unique to each character, opening up new and varied ways to unleash torment on your foes, from hordes of vicious minions to the epic boss battles.
  • Original Storytelling: Each chapter tells an original tale complete with unique environments and enemies, plot-driven cutscenes, in-game banter, and appearances from fan-favorite heroes and villains, all building toward a climactic finale. In between, players can relax at Turtle HQ, train with Master Splinter, upgrade their arsenal, or jump into retro-style games in Arcade mode.
  • Turtle Power: No Turtle is an island – you’ll need to work as a team to survive the challenges lurking in the darkness. Perform special synchronized maneuvers with your allies, swap between Turtles on-the-fly to take advantage of each one’s distinct combat style and abilities, or call a friend into the fray at any time with drop-in/drop-out co-op.


This will be the Ninja Turtles title that we were asking for since the old days of Turtles in Time. This time around with a new updated title that will give players all around co-op across the board. It is more than just about getting a great TMNT game out again, but the fact that the developers are giving gamers options in having local or online so others can play without their household as well. This can be a good coupling game as well when you think about it. There are speculations of when during the summer this title will be released, but so far I can’t confirm. In the mean time please check back as we reveal the last turtle and more of the story. Cowabunga Gamers!

Name:Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™: Out of the Shadows
Publisher: Activision Publishing
Licensor: Nickelodeon
Developer: Red Fly Studio
Platform: Xbox LIVE® Arcade, Ps3, Pc
Genre: Brawler
Players:1-4 players: Story Mode (1-4 players online, 1-2 players local), Challenge Mode (1-2 players local), Arcade Mode (1-4 players local)
ESRB Rating: Not yet ESRB Rated (Expected: T for Teen)
Release Date: Summer 2013

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