Wtf Gamers? Xbox Executive Pretty Much Saying…Oh Well Stick to 360 If You Can’t Hang With Xbox One


Wtf Gamers? Xbox Executive Pretty Much Saying…Oh Well Stick to 360 If You Can’t Hang With Xbox One

This is the best way to kick off WTF Wednesday with my old segment coming back to life on this issue of Wtf Gamers?!? I am your host Kuma Baity and this morning after having a nice chat with one of my writers, I stumbled on a post by MissSinisterCosplay’s Facebook page and saw a video with Geoff Keighley interviewing Executive of Microsoft Don Mattrick about the Xbox One bashing all over the webs. You would think that they would have a proper come back or defense on what has transpired during the Microsoft E3 press conference, but it seems as if they put the wrong person to defend their new system. Don not only did you put your foot in your mouth, but you inserted the whole torso, while washing it down ignorance. Here is what exactly was said.

Don Mattrick: “Some of the advantages you get of having a box that is designed to use in an online state, to me that is a future choice. To me people could of arguably went the other way if we didn’t do it and fortunately we have a product for people who aren’t able to get some form of connectivity and it is called the Xbox 360.”

Geoff Keighly: “So stick to 360 thats what you saying if people don’t like it?”

Don Mattrick: “If people don’t have zero access to the internet that is an offline device, seriously when I read the blogs and thought about whose really the most impacted was a person who said, “Hey I am on a nuclear sub!” and I don’t even know what it means to be on a nuclear sub, but I can imagine it is not easy getting an internet connection.”

F**k the what, you talking about man? All right here is the thing in any business you either support your product or you shut up about it until further notice. This is poor business ethics to admit defeat and tell people, “Sorry you pretty much not about this Xbox One life, so stick with the 360!” The fact that this guy stated about someone blogging about being on a nuclear sub clearly shows that he has no idea how to take in sarcasm or how to counter attack it. You literally told all your customers to either get with the program or don’t get it at all. It was not that bad many years ago when Xbox live first serviced and we had to pay a subscription fee to get online. Many of us didn’t mind because we were not MMOrpg players on PC paying monthly fees, which is a lot cheaper than paying for Live or PlayStation Plus. However and please excuse my wording, Don you are just being a real D**K right now. It is a game system and having it constantly online is just a pain in the bandwidth.


Here ‘s the thing people; I have worked in many different forms of the industry and many of you already know what to say and what not to say. This is the equivalent of going to your boy/girlfriend and saying, “Hey baby just letting you know that you cool, but if you want to go back to your Ex that is fine by me, because I don’t think you can handle this!”

On that note I would like to hear your thoughts on the subject matter and if anyone can think of a way that Microsoft can bounce back from this situation, please share your comments below and enjoy the full video.

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