New E3 Preview of Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z…No Honor Just Slaying


New E3 Preview of Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z…No Honor Just Slaying

This is a story of a Ninja that is not in it for the honor of a good death, nor is he in it for the glory of a righteous cause. Oh no, this ninja just wants to kill Ryu Hayabusa by any means necessary, however he does have to go through a wave of zombies just to reach his goal. Ninja Gaiden Z coming from Temco Koei will feature a new story of a resurrected Ninja built with cybernetic abilities to take down a zombie horde. The story of Yaiba is a horrid one as he was cleaved in two, but built back with brought back to life with cyber-technology. He is re-fitted with his ninja sword and the mecha weapons in his cyborg arm to slaughter the undead with brutal precision. As you seen in the video the game style makes it appear to be a living comic book and it gives off nice visuals to a world gone insane. I see this game as, what if Robocop was a villain, brought back as a badass shinobi? That is Ninja Gaiden Z.

Key Features:

  • NEW IP FROM THE TWISTED MINDS OF TWO OF THE BEST DEVELOPERS: For the first time EVER Team NINJA and comcept collaborate on a new IP.
  • ZOMBIES x NINJAS = YAIBA: Over the top, non-stop ACTION—relentless VIOLENCE is only interrupted by utter CHAOS!
  • TRANSFORMING CYBORG ARM: From razor chainsaw to rocket punch, this unique appendage gives new meaning to the phrase “WELL ARMED!”
  • TWISTED ZOMBIES: Not only undead humans, but ungodly amalgamations of dead flesh that will blow your mind as you BLOW THEM AWAY!
  • LIVING COMIC BOOK: Spectacular, heavily stylized graphics transport players into their own GRAPHIC ADVENTURE.
  • WEAPONIZE THE UNDEAD: Killing gets imaginative. Tear off a pair of zombie arms to turn into ZOMBIE NUNCHUCKS! Or grab a zombie with your mecha arm and flail it around on a chain for wide swaths of destruction!
  • RAGE MODE: Build Rage with every zombie killed to unleash adrenaline-filled UBER-VIOLENCE on the undead.
  • MOTION COMIC FLASHBACKS: Learn the tale of YAIBA’s mysterious past through movies rendered in the style of sumi-e Japanese ink paintings.
  • ACCESSIBLE YET CHALLENGING: A host of unique features that cater to the current generation of gamers – intense battles for CORE gamers and breathtaking beauty for BROAD players.

The only problem I would have with this new Gaiden game is the fact that it is another zombie game, but it does something different by giving you the abilities of a cyborg ninja. Yaiba:Ninja Gaiden Z will be released sometime in 2014 and will be for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and be sure to check back as we get more information as it develops. Stay frosty gamers!

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