KKEnt Presents A Versus Match Between GTA V and WatchDogs


KKEnt Presents A Versus Match Between GTA V and WatchDogs

Hello gamers and yes this thought might cause a problem, just like everything in our gaming community. Because opinions are like crossing enemy borders, even though it is a peaceful walk; they just do not like how you strut. That is fine because that is what we do as gamers and so far for the past few months the debate started. After information came to light about GTA V certain people started to question this new 3 point of view gameplay. I didn’t think about it at first until recently where it might collapse upon itself. The characters of Franklin, Michael and Trevor are all in doubt interesting characters, but once the trailers released; almost everyone was gearing towards Trevor. Before I get any further Watchdogs is the new Open World espionage game that does something different from other sandbox titles. The hack everything features is a different kind of ability that has not really been done for an open world game where you control everything that has a chip in it. Please try to keep an open mind during the post.

When I first saw the three trailers of the Grand Theft Auto V title and boom Trevor is the best character out of the three. I say this because he is the chaos of the story that everyone will enjoy playing, he is the character that steps outside of the rules and looks to get into a lot of fun trouble. Between Michael and Franklin; their story-line is pretty cliché. It is already starting to be a popularity contest and so far Trevor is winning, but that in it brought up questions about the title now where some are saying which will be the sandbox winner this fall?

Now Watchdogs is what I feel a mixture of Bourne Identity with the 1995 movie Hackers. This sandbox looks to have a nice weight to it since you are a specific revenge mission, but with the ability to tap into any piece of tech all over the city. Indeed this is a cliché plot with a more technical weapon to enact your missions. The plot surrounding Watchdogs is about information warfare since the world is pretty much running on computers. It begs the questions of who exactly is running the computers everyone depends on. It is an action induced thrill ride that I hope they keep things hidden about the story and antagonist.

In that being said I went around and asked some people, as well as fans on my page what do they feel would be the true sandbox power house this fall? I was happy with the feedback because even though GTA has a strong following, some feel that the best of the series was San Andreas. I thought it was Vice City, but that was just 80’s nostalgia at its best for me. When GTA IV came out it was step up for them graphic wise for the next gen consoles, but there was something lacking in my opinion or rather too many annoying situations with the cell phone feature. Keeping up with morality was an intriguing challenge, but came at the wrong time when you are on a mission. I know they was going after the real factor of the matter, but nothing like being in a middle of a gun fight with your cousin calling to go to a titty bar to make you want to smash your phone. That is just me though, but here is the original question I asked the fans.

“Now that GTA V is coming out you will get three characters to choose from and already even in the ads people are mostly interested in Trevor who is the crazy and seem to cause the most chaos! It comes to mind of quality over quantity. Now WatchDogs has you going through the world using your hacking abilities to infiltrate and regulate on your opponents. Pretty much hacking the planet to work in your favor is a badass new concept. Now here is the question I ask you all. Since both are coming out at the same time and I know GTA has a long following. Do you Think WatchDogs can take the win?”

The first to respond was Clorice Zombiemom Reyes: “I’m going with Watch Dogs!
I am anticipating Watch Dogs because it not only looks impressive, but the whole thing of the game is more what I find enjoyable and I’m just not a GTA fan. However, I have to say that I may still try out GTA V because it sounds like there will be a lot more to it than the usual.”

Now George Miyares gave his reasons why he is sticking with GTA: ” it’s all about gta v every game wishes it could be what gta is it’s always been the biggest sand box game and the best 1 and it’ll only get better, watchdogs is way out of its league there’s no competition here.”

I wanted George to elaborate more on why he felt GTA in his opinion will remain supreme over all, so I decided to have a discussion with him to further his thoughts.

Kuma: All right so I take you are a full on GTA fan which is cool. Care to elaborate more on your feelings why WatchDogs will fail?

George: I never said watchdogs will fail I just said it won’t be able to complete with gta but I’m sure there’s people that will buy both or one or the other but there’s just no competition because gta is the one that began massive sandbox games and every game no matter what type of style of gameplay they all want to be like gta, just look at the graphics for gta they’re always 1 step ahead of everyone else there graphics look like ps4 graphics.

Kuma: That is where I am going to have to disagree because of games like Sleeping Dogs and Saints Row, forced GTA to upgrade their game mechanics, hence why they are trying to push more about the driving mechanics and all around combat with GTA. Graphics are fine and all, but the one thing GTA was lacking was the gameplay element in their controls.

George: I agree with you there but I disagree with them changing their game mechanics because of sleeping dogs cause gta was announced October 25th 2011.

I like to thank the community of RAM where one of their members was happy to share their opinion as well. Thanks to Danny Fernando for expressing his own feelings on the versus match up.

“Personally I wanna say GTA but I know Watch Dogs is gonna win, it’s cool, its bad ass, its seriously high tech and its freaking bad ass level is probably over 9000… But seriously… i have a feeling Watch Dogs would win, but if I were to choose I’d chose GTA just because after seeing some of the new game play footage, it looks quite interesting… VERY interesting, compared to all the old ones. I like GTA… i like kicking little annoying kids in the face, or stealing some dudes Dodge Charger…or even a heli… with the new GTA coming out, not only do you get the point of view from one character but you get the P.O.V. from 3!!!!!! lol… I’m excited for GTA more than watch dogs… though i do gotta say… watch dogs DOES look pretty interesting as well.”

In the end I am going to get both, but I am not going to lie and say Trevor already has my vote for being the best and most interesting part of the GTA title. However WatchDogs is going to have my full attention this November, but GTA will have the lead when it drops September 17th, so that will be a two month advantage for Rockstar. In the mean time I hope to hear some constructive feedback from you the audience on this topic. Either way if you want a jump on either title, please head on over to Kuma’s aStore to pre-order from amazon. Stay frosty gamers!

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The first thing we worry about when faced with a decision is going into something we love and failing. That is the only reason I jumped in the first place after being given the opportunity by my mentor to be great. Kuma Kreations Entertainment is the idea of what I always wanted to do for the gamer, geek, and nerd community. I am glad I took that leap and I am happy to see the activity from my fellow admins, writers and you the readers. Thank you for stopping by. Stay frosty!


  • amin
    May 20, 2013 @ 15:24 pm

    gta v becouse ubisift is watchdogs maker so the multiplayer wil suck like assasin creed

    • May 21, 2013 @ 0:37 am

      Not entirely worried about the mp because even GTA’s mp was lacking.

  • Truth
    May 20, 2013 @ 15:44 pm

    Watch Dogs is next gen with a new engine for next gen consoles. The engine is called *DISRUPT*

    GTA is using the same engine as they did in 2006 and are still calling it next gen! The engine is called *RAGE* Rockstar are marketing GT as next gen and the masses will lap it up until they play both and realise Watch DOgs is superior.

    These are facts that you can google. But the sheep wont understand till it’s too late.

    • May 21, 2013 @ 0:36 am

      Wow….well yea I already know that, but not worried about the engine just talking about what is better in terms of gameplay and all out story between the two.


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