KKEnt’s Latest Preview and thoughts on Infinite Crisis Flash Showcase


KKEnt’s Latest Preview and thoughts on Infinite Crisis Flash Showcase

Happy Monday everyone and since everyone despises the day I figured I preview the latest information of one of DC’s amazing speedster the Flash in Infinite Crisis. For those of you that play M.O.B.A games (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) are pretty familiar with the style of game-play Turbine has decided to tackle on. Here is a little history of the title which first started in 1985 called Crisis on Infinite Earths and then later revisited in 2005 renamed Infinite Crisis. It was a short mini-series showcasing a multi-verse of our beloved heroes and villains, which you will adapt in this upcoming straight to PC game. My first taste of M.O.B.A was with Warcraft 3’s Dota game and now I tackle on League Of Legends, but for Turbine to decide to take a known franchise and drop it into this genre; it was of course my duty to sign up for the beta! In that please enjoy the latest showcase of Central City’s very own superhero The Flash!

Quick Bio of The Flash:

flash“Universe of Origin: Prime
Beloved by the people of Central City and gifted with a brilliant mind, the Flash uses super speed to dash from threat to threat.
A police scientist in Central City, Barry Allen was caught in a chemical explosion when a lightning bolt crashed through his laboratory windows. Able to control the motion of every molecule in his body, Barry moves at extreme speeds, phases through solid matter, and whips up whirlwinds.
The Flash moves faster by using powers and does more damage the faster he is moving. His playstyle centers around hitting hard and fast and then getting out after securing a kill or dealing significant damage.”

I usually do not ask questions when it comes to a M.O.B.A game when it comes to the initial story-line. It many cases each character will have their own story and you go into battle with only one objective to defeat the player to end the game by destroying their defenses. In these videos of Batman, Wonder Woman, Doomsday and of course The Flash; I did not see any minions coming to your aid while you are battling it out. That does not mean there aren’t any, but my question would be, “Is it necessary?”. Each character that will be used is pretty much a power house on their own and the only ones that would have minions is either Joker or any of the other villains.

The switch when it comes to M.O.B.A games as my friend Betty keeps pressuring me to do is try other characters and I am all like, “Dang it I don’t want to!”, but it is not just about trying them out! It is also to know what kind of damage they do, so you can have an advantage when facing them and that is common knowledge for M.O.B.A games. Infinite Crisis will definitely have me trying out everyone they showcase in the game and I already know which will be my favorite and that will be Doomsday. However want to know are they saving what they feel the best for last? They have not showcased the one hero that many are probably wondering about and that is Superman. I am guessing they will have the nerf the heck out of him because he would be too Tanked, but who knows what they will do with that kryptonian.

I will continue to research and talk to my experts on the matter on who they feel would be top notch in this game or rather who they would want to be added even if they were not in the Infinite Crisis story-line. Thank you all for checking out my thoughts and preview; if you would be so kind in dropping your own thoughts in the comments below, that would be most productive. I would like to hear what you think even if you are not a player of M.O.B.A games. In the meantime enjoy your Monday and prepare for the release sometime this year. Stay frosty gamers!

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