‘Remember Me’ looks to deliver


‘Remember Me’ looks to deliver

CAPCOM’s upcoming action-adventure title Remember Me has critic’s raving and, according to IGN is said to be “…one of the most interesting Action Games OF THE YEAR.”.  With such high reviews, we here at Kuma Kreations had to check it out.

The year is 2084 and the world as we know it has forever changed thanks to the development of Memory Digitization Technology. Memories can now be stored, shared, sold, bought or traded..  Any remnants of privacy and intimacy are long gone due to an explosive growth of social networking in the early 21st Century.


When asked about the concept of the technology that is exploited in Remember Me, creative director Jean-Max Moris had this to say:

“In the beginning, we knew we wanted to do a cyberpunk game, and we were looking for a meaningful [social] trend we could extrapolate into the future,” explains Moris. “Looking around, it was easy to see that the new big thing…was social networks and the way they change the way we relate to other people… how we deal with privacy, with intimacy. And we thought, ‘Well, what would the next step be?’”

Well, let’s look into said ‘Next Step’…

This visionary 3rd person shooter takes place in Neo-Paris in the year 2084.  Players are put into the role of Nilin, a former memory hunter with a unique and powerful ability to not only steal one’s memories, but also alter them.  The government soon becomes aware of her ability, and fearful of her knowledge and capabilities, has her immediately imprisoned and her memory wiped clean.  Now, we guide her,  the city’s most wanted fugitive with no memory, through her mission to recover her identity with the help of her last and only friend.


From the looks of it, Remember Me has a little something for everybody.  The adventure of roaming and exploring a dark-futuristic portrayal of a city once idolized for its romance and artistry that has been ruined by a ‘consensual dictatorship’ could be a game in itself for any fan of a good MMO. The hoards of mutant memory hunters, called Leapers (which used to be human, however, their addiction to memories has taken over and transformed them into crazed subhuman wretches), swarming beneath the streets is definitely appealing to the zombie lovers and pulls in fans of popular horror games.  And, lets not forget the action of it all, which will appeal to all fans of classic fighting games.

Remember Me is said to have a skill level for any gamer.  You can keep the tactics simple, but DONTNOD has also incorporated a Combo Lab, which enables every player to tailor combos to suit every scenario that may be encountered during game play.


That might sound simple enough, but apparently the combo-creation system has proven to be immensely complex. You can’t adjust the button inputs, but instead, select the moves those inputs produce. You start with just a three-move combo and a small handful of attack options, but as you progress in the game more options become available as you gain experience and defeat enemies. There are also four different types of moves (power, regen, chain, and cool down), all of which offer advantages and disadvantages that correspond to their specific purpose.

All-in-all, Remember Me looks to be very promising and balanced mix of combat and exploration. I personally believe it will live up to the hype and reviews.  I know that I will definitely be adding it to my collection as soon as possible.  It will be released for XBOX, PS3 and PC on June 4th and you can check out the trailer below.


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