KKEnt’s Preview of TMNT Out of the Shadows Mikey Trailer and Thoughts

It’s Turtle Power at its finest and as the time passes with more reveal trailers coming to light, I am very interested in this new TMNT title that seems to have a more adult graphic attitude for the franchise. The tripped out part of this trailer showcasing the goofy Michelangelo and his swift moves with the nunchaku, is the fact that they look like the movie concepts that were showcased a few years back. The funny part is that with all the TMNT hype and arguments going around; the series still remains strong. So without further delay lets get out of the shadows!

Ever since I read my first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book, I was hooked to the whole concept and thanks to Monte’s Mayhem blog post revealing a connection between Daredevils origin from toxic waste spilling over his eyes to give him his powers and the same waste spilling in the sewer to make the turtles. I found that information very interesting which Marvel should of capitalized on Eastman and Laird’s idea. Either way this direct to download for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will have full online four player co-op. In many so many titles there have not been too much unless you download the classic Arcade edition or the revamp Turtles in Time for the full four player experience.

I myself would not mind a version of the classic turtles story with the hardcore battles and serious situations. In terms of their original story was very bloody and full of adult situations, as in the turtles cursed and their master did not survive shredders assault. There are some features I would like to see in this title, for example the classic team up moves like the classic “California Roll” which two turtles going into a barrel roll to knock out multiple enemies. Then again it is all about the story that we are all curious about.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows will debut this summer and if you are going to team up with Kuma, just a slight FYI; Raphael is my character! Please check back for more information as it develops. Cowabunga gamers!

Kuma Baity

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