KKEnt’s Thought on E3 Sony Anticipation


KKEnt’s Thought on E3 Sony Anticipation

It is that time once again where everyone is anticipating the panels of Electronic Entertainment Expo of 2013 and this might be one of the biggest E3’s since this is a new console year. There are many games to talk about and think about for the Ps3, Ps4 and the Vita this year, but we shall start off with the big hitter and that is the PlayStation 4 console. What is the big deal? What are the improvements? Why should you upgrade? Yes that is a valid question because in the end it comes down to whether or not it is necessary, which is what many are asking. So let us begin shall we?


I want to begin with the specifications of the PlayStation 4:

Main Processor:
> Single-chip custom processor
> CPU : x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores
> GPU : 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD next-generation Radeon based graphics engine
Hard Disk Drive:
> Built-in

Optical Drive (read only):
> BD 6xCAV

> Super-Speed USB (USB 3.0), AUX

> Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)
> IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
> Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR)

AV output:
> Analog-AV out
> Digital Output (optical)

PS4 Specs for the controller:
External Dimensions
> Approx. 162mm x 52mm x 98mm (width x height x depth) (tentative, excludes largest projection)

> Approx. 210g (tentative)

Keys / Switches
> PS button, SHARE button, OPTIONS button
> Directional buttons (Up / Down / Left / Right)
> Action buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square)
> R1 / L1 / R2 / L2 button, Left stick / L3 button, Right stick / R3 button, Pad Button

Touch Pad
> 2 Point Touch Pad, Click Mechanism, Capacitive Type

Motion Sensor
> Six-axis motion sensing system

Now that is some impressive information especially the part of the new touch screen controller with a share button. The question I have asked many that don’t have a swollen head about their gaming knowledge is: Do you really understand what all that means? Or rather, would the normal consumer know what that means? The only reason I ask this, because in my profession I keep being asked what is so big about the ps4 compared to the ps3? I give them the tech answer and usually, they give me a confused look as if I just said everything in a foreign language. As some of my comrades have said, “It comes down to fancy and new.” Which is all true, because the systems that we have in terms of the PlayStation 3 still feel good and could last as long as the ps2 did/has (because many are still in use and/or in usable condition).

I have been recently asked if I was going to pick up a Ps4 and of course I am, but the real question is if I will get it on launch? Not very likely, because, like many of the gamers like myself, we usually wait until a few months after. We allow those that choose to be the “guinea pigs” the time to give us the information on the problems and hassles of the new system. I enjoy the nitpicking and once the smoke has cleared and everything is settled, I shall walk in and pick up my system. In my honest opinion I am on the side of knowing whats under the hood and how to explain it to the those that don’t understand those specs. In the case of the Ps3 I explained the cost effectiveness of said system and how the features don’t need an online cost to use. I am going to be amazed by the finalized information, especially if Sony will make PlayStation plus a mandatory thing, which will make current users kind of peeved. If you take away the options of free online vs. paid online service, that might put a damper on things. However if they keep the service as it is now, it will not feel so bad.

Confirmed titles for the Ps4:

  • Infamous: Second Son: Now who in the hell had Cole’s baby? Makes you wonder.
  • Killzone Shadow Fall: Well Fourth time is a charm, I guess.
  • Drive Club: Not much information on that
  • The Evil Within: A New Survivor Horror from the Maker of Resident Evil.

The one that intrigues me is this survivor horror The Evil Within, which has been said to come out for both Ps3 and Ps4. That’s what I was told, but here is a teaser trailer.

Okay that made me go “WTF” with wide eyes open. I think we need a return to good survivor horror games and this might be one of them. There is not much information as of yet, but please check back later on as I talk more about my anticipations for Microsoft and Nintendo. Stay frosty gamers!

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