Kuma’s Review of Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge


Kuma’s Review of Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge

It seems that this year is full of reboots and revamps of certain titles and this week Ninja Gaiden: Razor’s Edge that originally came out for the Nintendo Wii-U was ported to Ps3 and Xbox 360. I will admit that I went against my rule and judged a book by its cover, because it came out on the Wii-U what could have been done any better? I bit the bullet and decided to give it a shot which my friend did as well and I will let the video below express how I felt.

The story-line is pretty straight forward where an evil entity is targeting the world, but seems to really be after Ryu Hayabusa in some manner. That being said you know being a Ninja is never an easy course and the bad guy has to give you an even bigger challenge by infecting you with your own sword. However the story is built even bigger with the added addition of Ayane, Kasumi and Momiji; who will have their own special chapters. The dialogue is not bad at all and I can see why they chose to give Hayabusa a more sensitive outlook in certain parts of the story. The important part is they took out that emotion from the enemies. If you played the first version, enemies would literally cower in fear and even plead for their lives. I mean really dude, you came all the way to London with missile launchers, guns, cybornetic knives and a big freaking mech to end the night telling me not to kill you because you have a family? You should have thought of that before coming after me. That’s’ on you buddy and that’s your leg bleeding on the side of the street.

The combat in Razor’s Edge is back to what it used to be in the previous titles which made it feel like a fighting game learning all of Hayabusa’s combos. It is an amazing mixture of the two which takes it away from being a simple beat’em up. If you hold down the fierce attack, you enable their charge attack which goes into a chain against your surrounding enemies. I know many of you knew that already, but they took out the power orb feature after downing your foes, because if you recall it used to boost that attack ten times over. That is replaced with “Bloody Rage” that builds up over time with a beautiful tornado of blood ending; pretty much a well-organized instant kills. The ninja magic or Ninpo remains the same as in the targeting, but it takes a lot longer to generate the meter. The upside is that it will regenerate your health after use. I would suggest saving it for that right moment.

I have to commend the developers on the graphics because I hardly saw any hiccups or animation breaks throughout my adventure. The visuals of each character and choreograph was done splendidly, especially which you switch between weapons that changes up the characters fighting style. If anything I would have added a quicker way to switch between weapons to keep the combat flowing. However just a push of the d-pad scrolling between weaponry that you obtain and Ninpo acquired will pause all the combat enough for you to keep a chain going.

In terms of your weaponry, this was a wrong move on their part to dumb down the feature. The skill tree is back, unlike the previous title where you could not upgrade any of your weapons as you progress; thankfully you can now. They kept the infinite bow that seems to never run out of arrows, if you recall in any of the titles, you had to restock on arrows. I am not going to say that is bad, especially when you finally upgrade it to explosive arrow heads. I started to b*tch about it, but that was just too cool and I just went along with it. As always there is a point system when in combat that will grant you currency to purchase either upgrades or clothing. I believe you acquire more points depending on the difficulty, but beware that it will cause you to rage!

Now that I brought up that point of difficulty, let’s touch base on that shall we? I have been playing Gaiden since the NES and they have kept the tradition of making the game God Like difficult for years. It seems to be a tradition to keep you on your toes at all times and for some of you feel that is a bad thing. However I am on the ladder saying, “Thank you for the challenge and giving me meaning as a gamer!” If you think picking easy will be that, all I can say that is cute, BUT YOU ARE WRONG! Easy = Hard, Normal = Harder and Hard is considered “I WILL MAKE YOU WEEP IN PAIN!”. I knew this because after facing all the enemies and even that powerful robot, making me happy about my achievement. I face my first boss and of course I lose because I went into the fight thinking I was all Bruce LeeRoy as if I had the glow. Yes I was surely wrong and came back into remembering that this is Ninja Gaiden…Be Careful Stupid!

I am always shy around a game that has an online multi-player feature, but this one is actually fun and there has not been one of this nature since Tenchu Z. How they made themselves different from the other is being able to use all of your abilities with your own custom ninja or you can use the ladies once they are unlocked in the game. It pretty much has the same properties as playing the regular game, but with minor tweaks. There is Ninja Trails where you can either play solo or team up with another ninja player. Then there is clan battles where your ninja crew vs. another ninja crew to end each fight being the dominate Gaiden Force OF LEGEND! That is pretty epic when you picture me throwing my fist in the air. The ninja you molded into a killing machine will level up as you progress through each trail. In that trials are also unlocked as you go through the campaign, so I recommend finishing up the story. There is an online pass so buy it new if you want the experience or if you end up liking it that will be $9.99.

The one downside I would have to say is a minor bump that annoys me when fighting in an open area, you have too much crap going on and yes the camera does work against at times. Team Ninja gives you the option to reset the camera, but I am too busy dodging and counter attacking in fear, as well as watching out for gun/missile fire from the foreground to even attempt to push that damn button. I know it is the RB or R1 trigger depending on the platform you play on, but I am not lifting my pointer off my bow button, because I am ready to unleash some hurt on those guys on the balcony.

In closing Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge is worth the BUY! At $39.99, it didn’t feel that bad in my wallet. In that, please head on over to Kuma’s aStore to order your copy now. Team Ninja gets kudos for correcting their mistake and I hope this does not happen again, because I for one like this version a lot and your previous titles. Do not taint it by giving the enemy that is trying to make your guts seen by the world feelings. I thank you all for checking out my review and please check back for more in this new month and hit up my Twitch.tv/kumakreations where I will stream live game footage and demos for those that are scared to buy. In that happy Friday and stay frosty gamers!

Developer: Team Ninja
Publisher: Tecmo Koei Games
Genre: Action-adventure, hack and slash
Platforms: Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Players: 1 campaign, 2-8 online
Hard Drive Space: 2600mb
Rated: M-Mature For you Parents 17 and Up
Kuma’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Price: $39.99

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